Singapore Plug Type: Power Outlet Adapter

Are you a first-time visitor in Singapore? If so, then aside from knowing which places to see and activities to try, you should also be aware of what things to bring! One of these is the travel adapter, especially if you are going to bring your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, hair blower, and other gadgets with you!

In this article, we are going to talk all about electric sockets, plugs, and travel adapters, particularly the types that are used here in Singapore. It’s important to know these things, as you are likely going to charge and use your gadgets for taking pictures, capturing videos, making calls, surfing the Internet, and so on.

Singapore Plug Type Power Outlet Adapter

What is the Electrical Outlet Power Socket in Singapore?

Have you ever gone on a trip without your mobile phone, tablet, or a digital camera at least? Absolutely not, right?! You need these devices to take lots of pictures and videos. What’s more, these things must be charged. In order to do this, you need to know the type of electrical sockets and plugs used in your destination, i.e. Singapore.

The main type of power plug used in Singapore is Type G, which is oftentimes called the British or “UK plug” because that’s where it originated from. This plug has three rectangular pins, arranged in a triangular pattern. Type G plugs are compatible Type G sockets only. Interestingly, this type of plug is also used in neighboring countries Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Here’s what a Type G plug and socket look like:

Singapore Plug Type Power Outlet Adapter

Aside from Type G plugs, there are two other types that you might encounter: Type C, which has two round pins and is commonly used in Europe; and Type M, which has three circular pins, and is typically used in South Africa. Nevertheless, it is the Type G plug that is frequently used in Singapore these days.

As for voltage and frequency, electrical sockets in Singapore usually operate on a standard voltage of 230V, with a standard frequency of 50Hz.

What is the Plug Adapter Type in Singapore?

If your mobile phone, tablet, and other gadgets do not have a Type G plug, you will need a Type G plug adapter when you come to Singapore. This type of adapter will allow you to plug and charge your gadgets in Type G power sockets.

Here’s what a Type G plug adapter looks like:

Singapore Plug Type Power Outlet Adapter
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Should I Bring a Travel Adapter to Singapore?

If your country of origin uses Type G plugs and sockets — which is the same type used in Singapore — then there’s no need for you to bring a travel adapter. On the other hand, if your country uses a different type of plug, then yes, you might have to bring a travel adapter before going to Singapore.

Should I Bring a Voltage Converter to Singapore?

First of all, you should know that each country has a “standard” voltage. Most countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, for example, have a standard voltage of 220V to 240V. Meanwhile, many countries in North America and South America have a standard voltage ranging from 100V to 120V.

As mentioned earlier, the standard voltage in Singapore is 230V. If the standard voltage in your country is the same, or between 220V and 240V, then it may not be necessary for you to bring a voltage converter. On the other hand, if you come from a country where the standard voltage is 100V to 120V, then yes, you might need to bring a voltage converter to Singapore.

Similarly, if the standard frequency in your country is the same as in Singapore — 50Hz — you don’t have to bring a voltage converter. However, if the standard frequency is different, then you might need to have a converter.

What About Devices with Dual Voltage?

Certain devices are “dual voltage,” which means that they can plugged into electrical outlets of any voltage and frequency, anywhere in the world.

To check if your mobile phone, tablet, or other devices are dual voltage, look for a label with a small print that says “INPUT: 100-240V” and “50/60 Hz.” This indicates that the device is dual voltage, and you can plug it into any outlet.

Keep in mind, though, that even if your gadget is dual voltage, the type of socket may be different in your destination, so it’s still wise to bring a travel adapter.

Travel Adapter vs. Voltage Converter

What exactly is the difference between a travel adapter and voltage converter? Basically, a travel adapter is a device that enables you to plug your appliances into a power socket with a different plug type.

That being said, please note that a travel adapter is not capable of converting electric voltage. This is done by a voltage converter, which changes or modifies electricity from one level to another. For example, if the label on your gadget is 100V to 120V, you may have to use a voltage converter in Singapore, where the standard voltage of power outlets is 230V.

Where Can I Buy Electrical Supplies in Singapore?

If you arrive in Singapore and realize that you forgot to bring a travel adapter, voltage converter, or other electrical supplies — don’t worry because there are many places where you can buy them in Singapore. You could even buy a travel adapter at the airport, although products here are usually more pricey than in other stores.

All over Singapore, there are convenience stores, supermarkets, and malls where you are likely to find a travel adapter and other electrical supplies. Just be sure to bring extra money for unexpected purchases like these!

Video: What to Bring and Not to Bring to Singapore

To know more about what things to bring to Singapore, such as travel adapters and the like — check out this video shared via “Divert Living” channel on YouTube, which is published by a vlogger based in New York. In this video, he talks about what to bring — as well as what you should NOT bring — to Singapore:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers about power sockets, plugs, and adapters in Singapore:

1. What type of power sockets are used in Singapore?

The main type of power socket and plug used in Singapore is Type G. It originates from the United Kingdom, so it is sometimes called British plug or “UK plug.”

2. What type of adapter do I need?

If your mobile phone, tablet, or other devices do not have a Type G plug, then you need to have a Type G travel adapter when in Singapore.

3. Will I need a voltage converter?

You would only need a voltage converter if the standard voltage in your country of origin is not the same as in Singapore (230V, or 220V to 240V). However, if the standard voltage in your country is the same, then you wouldn’t need to bring a voltage converter.

4. Is the Singapore plug the same as in the UK?

Yes, the Singapore plug is the same as in the UK, which is Type G. There’s no need to bring a converter if your gadgets have this type of plug.

5. Is the Singapore plug the same as in the USA?

No, the Singapore plug is not the same as in the US, where the plugs and sockets are mostly Type A and Type B.

6. What other countries use Type G plugs?

Aside from Singapore and the United Kingdom, there are lots of other countries that use Type G plugs and sockets. Among these are: Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Cyprus, Ghana, Guatemala, Iraq, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimbabwe, among others.

7. Where can I buy electrical supplies?

In Singapore, you can buy travel adapters and other electrical supplies in most shopping malls, supermarkets, and convenience stores. You can purchase them at the airport, too, although the prices there are usually higher.

8. Will my hotel room have a USB socket?

Some of the hotels in Singapore have USB sockets, but there are others that may not have them. Just to be sure, you can contact your hotel before arriving in Singapore, so that they can tell you the type of plugs and sockets used, and whether or not you need to bring a Type G travel adapter with USB sockets.

9. Any tips when buying a travel adapter?

Before you buy a travel adapter, make sure that you know the type of plugs and sockets used in your destination. In addition, you should also consider if the travel adapter has USB ports, allows USB charging, has “quick charge” capabilities, and other features.

10. Do I need to bring a power strip?

If you are traveling solo, or with your spouse, it might not be necessary to bring a power strip. On the other hand, if you are traveling with a large group — or with your whole family — then it would be wise to bring a Type G power strip, so you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Singapore Plug Type Power Outlet Adapter


If you are planning a trip to Singapore anytime soon, don’t forget to bring a travel adapter, especially if your devices do not have a Type G plug. Otherwise, you might not be able to charge or use your gadgets! A travel adapter may be just a small device, but it really is important considering that charging your mobile phones, tablets, and other devices are a must… wherever you may be!

Speaking of travel, you are probably wondering about the places you can visit in Singapore. Here’s a list of the best places that you can visit with your family and friends in Singapore. Enjoy!