4 Amazing Gallery Zones to Visit in Asian Civilizations Museum

Asia is one of the continents in the world, and just like the six others, it is composed of beautiful countries with a mixture of races and cultures. Singapore is regarded for being the “cultural melting pot of Asia”. How did it come up to this? The prominent Asian Civilizations Museum or ACM was built to showcase this diverse heritage. The museum is 14,000 square meters space with 11 thematic galleries showcasing 1,300 artifacts from the neighboring Asian countries.

ACM is situated at the mouth of the Singapore River and is one of the historical tourist spots in the country. The museum may seem boring to some, but it is really more than just a common museum or a history lesson. People of all ages will be drawn with the different interactive activities and the wonderful experiences in this treasure trove. Four ExplorAsian Zones are located all throughout the museum to offer you a glimpse into the world of ancient Asian cultures.

asian civilization museum singapore
photo by fabcan

1. Southeast Asia

There are three Southeast Asian galleries holding around 2,500 years of historical background and culture. The main gallery is where the ancient bronze and ceramic pieces are stored, which serves as evidence of trade and commerce in early Southeast Asia.

The Mary and Philbert Chin Gallery offers the diversity of jewelry and textiles across the islands of Southeast Asia. While in the Gallery 4, the world of Southeast Asian performing arts is on show.

In these galleries, you will witness the joy and pride of every Asian country like Japan, Malaysia, Laos and many more.

2. West Asia

Did you know that the world’s major religions, namely Judaism, Christianity as well as Islam, all unveiled in West Asia? Here, the collection focuses on Islam, which is still growing in numbers. The three said religions commonly share many traditions and focus on one god named Allah. In Gallery 5, the dedication and devotion to a god is truly emphasized.

A mosque is found in the midst of this section. Upon entering, your eyes will be treated to the beautiful sight of Mecca, where the religion was founded. With an incredibly unusual structure, you are likely to experience how it is in a mosque.

3. China

This country holds the largest population of the world. In this section, you can find the spiraling form of a dragon that will take you to a way through the Kwek Hong Png China Gallery.

The place is, of course, full of Chinese artifacts with red and gold which symbolizes China. Numerous statues of their gods including the known emperors that served the country well, are around the place, too.

4. South Asia

Composed of two galleries, the South Asian collection explores the wealth of diversity in the region through themes such as performing arts, religion and science. The main South Asian gallery or Gallery 7 is where a seemingly small collection of coins, jewelry and others from early times can be seen.

The gallery is devoted to the religion of Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindu gods, collection of stones and many others can be seen here.

There are still many things yet to be explored. Conclusively, the place is rich of culture and historical information so, visit the place and learn many things.