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no more red ribbon ph embassy sg

In its bid to improve the process of handling public documents, the Philippine government, through the Department of Foreign Affairs, recently announced some changes regarding the process of handling legal documents via its embassies and consular posts. On May 14, the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (Apostille Convention) was [...]

Experts Entertain Possibility of S’pore Going into Recession by 2020

Despite being hailed as the world’s most powerful economy in 2019, Singapore is not immune to (outside) factors that pose challenges to its economic systems in years to come, especially since the system is designed to be dependent on international trade, which at present is experiencing a blackout due to the US’ trade protectionism against [...]

Singapore Claims Title of ‘World’s Most Competitive Economy’

Much of what outsiders know of Singapore is its fast-paced lifestyle, no-nonsense policies, and a digitally strong business environment, which creates significant labour opportunities not only in the region, but also for the rest of the world. Singapore has strategically positioned itself on the global map for its conduciveness to businesses, and open-trade policies that [...]

Singapore Lands in Top 5 Healthcare Systems in Asia Pacific

One of the more undisclosed yet vital factors when considering a place to live among expats or migrant workers is the country’s healthcare system. And as Asia and the Pacific rises to join other progressive Western countries in terms of economic growth and social enterprise, it’s quite important to consider the factors that make up [...]

Wages Council Recommends Increase by up to SGD 50 to 70 for Low-Wage Employees

As the Singapore economy continues to face headwinds during the first half of the year, labour sector and financial experts encourage businesses to maintain the same level of wage increments for their low-wage earners this year, but to give the increments to more of such workers. ALSO READ: Foreign Talents on S-Pass at Risk of [...]

Jollibee to Open Two New Outlets in Singapore Soon

Fans of Filipino food have two new reasons to “bee happy” in Singapore. Many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) take comfort in finding any semblance of “home” away from home. And many of us have gotten through homesickness by regularly talking to family over the phone or the internet and eating Filipino food. However, more than [...]

SG Launches New Cyber Security Operations Centre

The constant threat to cyber security has become a norm anywhere in the world. With businesses and governments adopting digital systems, it’s quite easy to see why this new kind of threats should cause an alarm, not only among individuals, but more so among governments. ALSO READ: New SingPass Mobile App Launched, More Security Features [...]

SG Company Introduces Cabin that Filters Cigarette Smoke into Clean Air

Earlier this year, the government introduced a new set of laws which include clearing out and cleaning up one of the city’s major tourist destinations – the Orchard Road, of smokers in public. ALSO READ: 5 New Laws Set to take Effect in Singapore by 2019 And while there is still an adjustment period in [...]

Soon, Pay for Public Transport Fare with Visa Contactless Cards in Singapore

There’s no doubt that Singapore has one of the region’s best public transportation systems, and even in the world. ALSO READ: SBS Transit Buses to Offer Free Wi-Fi from February 2019 It is through constant innovation and upgrade of facilities that Singapore was able to establish itself in this aspect and remain competitive throughout the [...]

Maid who Wrongly Accused Employer’s Husband of Rape Sent to Jail

In Singapore, while many rights groups and non-government organizations seek to intensify laws that protect the rights and claim to fair treatment of foreign domestic workers, there are still cases when the problem becomes the other way around. ALSO READ: Employer Cleared of Charges of Abuse on Maid who Wanted to Return to India Lately, [...]

Foreign Worker Accused of Rape Charge of Student Near Memorial Park

Singapore is generally known as a safe country in the region. Despite this, the kinds of crimes have shown a shift from the typical cases of misdemeanours to online swindling and scams. ALSO READ: Couple Arrested over Illegal Moneylending Charges in Singapore This trend can also be seen in most parts of the world. And [...]