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The Singapore Police have arrested two Filipino women for suspected involvement in unlicensed money-lending operations in the city-state. According to the police, they were tipped regarding the suspicious activities last September 3. The two Filipino women were believed to be issuing loans to foreign workers in Singapore. Filipinas Arrested for Alleged Involvement in Unlicensed Money-Lending [...]

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This was something a British expat based in Singapore decided to live by after he lost his job and ran into financial trouble. The permanent resident feared that the authorities would not extend his Filipino wife’s long-term visit pass as he could not continue sponsoring her stay in the [...]

Riding on the country’s bid to become one of the first nations to launch autonomous bus services for public use, ST Engineering has launched its first series of test runs involving driverless buses last August 25. During the week of the test, a number of external factors such as roaming peacocks, meandering tourists, and curbside [...]

Working overseas opens up several opportunities not only in terms of career, education, and family life but it also opens up the choice to become citizens of your host nation; a choice, which Alvin Dimalanta and his family of four, embraced after living in Singapore for over 20 years. The Dimalanta family was among the [...]

As progressive and advanced as Singapore may be, its resources as a nation, are among one of the key areas that it needs to monitor and maximize to the best of its capabilities to protect its nationhood and society in the long run – as in the case of Singapore’s Semakau Landfill, which is the [...]

On Wednesday (Aug 21), the Changi Airport Group (CAG) released an advisory regarding cases of scam calls made through Viber, which ask individuals for their bank account numbers to claim a prize in the ‘Be a Changi Millionaire’ promotion. Changi authorities have already received nine reports of such scam calls through Viber. Security investigation launched [...]

Filipinos have plenty to be proud of. Not only are we a people hospitable to foreigners, hardworking for the employers we work for, but we also have young students with academic gifts, such as those who joined the 15th International Mathematics Contest (IMC) held from August 2 to 5 in Singapore. The Philippine delegation won 27 [...]

One of the main things foreigners love about the Philippines – aside from our friendly and hospitable people, is the Philippine mangoes. In fact, foreigners coming from the Philippines’ neighbouring countries like Korea, Japan, and Singapore list the Philippine mangoes among the top 5 things they love about the Philippines. And who wouldn’t? We, Filipinos, [...]

As culturally diverse as Singapore is, there are still people who hold on to their prejudices against foreign nationals living in the same city as them. And while it’s a sad reality to see even on a normal day at any regular public location, the best thing we can all do is to not pass [...]

The digital age is well upon us. At this point in time, some even claim that what you can imagine can happen in our world today through technology. And as it serves that purpose –technology through computers and artificial intelligence are looking to take over various industries where they have practical need for them – [...]

Singapore is one of those Asian countries which take pride in its effective healthcare system, which in effect, results to lower mortality rates and higher life expectancy rates. However, an ageing population also has its own set of problems, one of which is age-related illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease, among others, [...]