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no more passport stamp

With the government’s on-going initiative to digitize procedures and to phase out the paper forms in the country, the ICA has also announced that it will be implementing new procedures when it comes to processing their immigration documents upon leaving the country. ALSO READ: ICA Introduces Electronic Arrival Cards for Foreign Nationals Such efforts will [...]

PM Lee Stands By Proposed Anti-Fake News Bill

As the issue on media credibility and censorship remains one of the most controversial topics not only in Singapore, but all over the world, the proposed anti-fake news bill currently being deliberated by the government has drawn major concerns and questions among press rights advocates, not only in the local scene, but also in the [...]

SMRT to Shut 5 Stations for Track Construction on Vesak Day

Commuters in Singapore have adjusted to an increase in fares in public transportation, as part of the government’s plans to improve the public transportation that will undoubtedly benefit most, if not all of the citizens, also considering the traffic situation in the country. ALSO READ: 6,000 Trips Made by On-Demand Public Buses in its First [...]

Casino Entry Taxes to Increase by 50% for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents

With plans to introduce new upgrades to two of Singapore’s prime gaming and tourist hotspots, the government has decided to curtail access to these establishments’ gaming amenities to focus on their touristic services that would help boost Singapore’s position in the hotel and tourism standing in the region. With the new upgrades expected to take [...]

SGD 9-billion Expansion of Integrated Resorts in SG to Create 5,000 New Jobs in this Sector

With the government looking to provide more jobs to the local workforce, business stakeholders in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board have come up with an initiative that not only would support the government’s cause in creating more jobs for the people but also give the much-needed boost to the non-gaming offerings of the country’s [...]

New OFW Investment Opportunity Soon to Take Shape in SG

With the thrust of the government leaning towards OFW investments while providing financial literacy opportunities as part of the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS), many businesses and companies are looking at ways on how to capitalize on this noble effort to invest in the Philippines, and at the same time to secure one’s future through smart [...]

Up to SGD 1,000 Fine to be Imposed on Smokers in Orchard Road Starting April 1

The much-anticipated enactment of making the Orchard Road a smoke-free zone has been among the top laws set to take full effect this year. This would not only have positive impact on Singapore’s tourism drive, but also for the general welfare of the people in the area, as well as for the future generations to [...]

Indian National Punished with Jail, Cane for Role in Riot Involving Over 50 Foreigners

As we know, Singapore is one of the Asian countries which have the most diverse cultures and nationalities among its residents. Because of this, respect and tolerance are important values that must be exercised by people in this kind of environment. Failure to do so could trigger potential incidences of misunderstanding, discrimination, and in some [...]

Gov’t to Increase Presence of Foreign PMETs in SG

With the government’s decision to curb the number of workers on S-Pass in the Service sector, citizens would assume that there would be more jobs opened to locals. However, unless the labour and hiring system clearly sanction it, and the citizens apply to it, this decision would only be as good as a plan. However, [...]

Singaporean Employers Charge Maid of Negligence, Requested Work Ban on the Accused

There are certain limitations to what we can expect from workers’ roles because they, too, have their own lives to live.  Failing to perform one’s duty at work is an inexcusable act, but looking at others as nothing more than the role they perform is equally inexcusable. Unfortunately, some people don’t see that on plain [...]

This Year’s First Car-Free Weekend to Run from March 29-31

Following the success of the first expanded edition of Singapore’s car-free weekend last October, the annual event returns for its first instalment this year to once again promote greener city and healthy living among residents of the Republic. The event has become a regular annual event dating back to its first 6-month trial launch in [...]