‘Circus 1903: The Golden Age of Circus’ Headlines Marina Bay’s Events til End of April

In this modern day and age, certain attractions such as bowling, disco, and video arcades seemed to have stayed with the period they belonged to, but apparently, not the circus.

As part of their world tour, the Circus 1903 has set up tents here in Singapore (well… not literally) for a series of exciting shows at the Sands Theatre at the Marina Bay Sands from April 18 – April 29.

Image Credit: Circus 1903 FB Page

No Runaways in this Circus’ First Debut in Singapore

The producers of the world’s grandest magic show, The Illusionists, have collaborated with the master puppeteers from War Horse to create a stupendous circus show of the century – Circus 1903.

Catch mind-blowing circus acts including the unbelievable stunts of world-class contortionists, tight-rope walkers, knife-throwers, aerial ballet dancers and jugglers.

But the highlights of the show are definitely the two real-life sized puppet elephants as well as the comedic and artful antics of the Ringmaster.

With expert mastery of puppet movements and showmanship, the puppet elephants come to life flawlessly. With their size- nothing short of the real thing, the audience most especially the kids, will be in for a grand treat.

Image Credit: Circus 1903 FB Page

Aside from the astonishing puppetwork, the circus experience wouldn’t be the same without the wit and humour of the Ringmaster. With his engaging presence and fun way with the kids, his performance alone on stage is a feature act on its own.

When the Ringmaster takes over centerstage, he seems to be able to effectively draw in the audience leaving their initial discomfort and stage fright behind them. Seeing the kids go up on stage and simply enjoying the performance, maybe even as a volunteer is a rare sight to behold these days. This also makes every performance a little bit different each time.

The Circus 1903 not just a show, but an interactive artistic experience which kids nowadays should get to experience apart from their alone time with gadgets and other things they mindlessly attend to.

To catch the dates and to purchase tickets for the show, you can visit the SISTIC website.