Around 300 Cleaning Robots to be Deployed in Singapore by 2020

The digital age is well upon us. At this point in time, some even claim that what you can imagine can happen in our world today through technology. And as it serves that purpose –technology through computers and artificial intelligence are looking to take over various industries where they have practical need for them – from computing, accounting, organizing and even … cleaning?

Soon, Singapore residents will find out what simple robots can do for their households and facilities very soon.

Credits: LionsBot International/Facebook

Soon, Cleaning Robots Expected to Service Households in SG

In line with this, 300 autonomous cleaning robots will be progressively deployed from July 17, 2019 onwards till March 2020, according to its manufacturer, LionsBot International.

The specialized robots were developed in partnership between  LionsBot and six cleaning partners.

Aside from their cleaning skills, these robots are reportedly equipped with special features such as singing, rapping, winking at passers-by, as well as cracking jokes. If that doesn’t make for the perfect cleaning partner, we don’t know what will!

The robots were specifically programmed to be engaging, and are apparently injected with “warm personalities”, able to emote through expressive eyes and voices.

Furthermore, the cleaning robots can also communicate in Singapore’s four official languages, and Singlish is in their vocabulary, as well.

People can scan a QR code on the front of the robot to interact with it, such as asking simple questions like “What’s your name?” or “What type of cleaning do you perform?”

According to Lionsbot, their robots can work both indoors and outdoors, save up to 70 percent water compared to conventional cleaning methods, and are able to work as a team too.

The robots can coordinate among themselves to clean an area simultaneously without the need for manual programming.

As per Lionsbot’s official website, their robots are easy to use, and their staff is able to select from several pre-set cleaning modes and control the robots via a mobile app.

Upon finishing their tasks, the cleaning robots will automatically self-dock and auto-charge.

Apparently, the robots also come in different shapes and sizes, with different models designed for various types of cleaning. There are currently 16 different robot models, categorised into four families.