25 Best Deep Cleaning Services in Singapore

Have you ever felt stressed out just by thinking about the daunting task of deep cleaning your home or office? Keeping your living or working space clean and well-maintained is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment free from bugs and other pests, but it can often be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s where professional deep cleaning services come to the rescue.

In Singapore, there are several exceptional deep cleaning service providers including CleanQ, SparkCleanz, and Fresh Cleaning that specialize in delivering top-notch cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs, just to name a  few. From thorough floor-to-ceiling sanitization to meticulous attention to detail, these cleaning experts are committed to transforming your space into a spotless and inviting space. If this is something you can totally relate to, then keep on reading.

25 Best Deep Cleaning Services in Singapore

1. Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd – Best Maid Agency in Singapore Since 1986

Contact number: +6564357377
Address: 1 Marine Parade Central, #10-03 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408
Google Map Location:

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd is a trusted consultancy that specializes in providing deep cleaning services through the placement of foreign domestic helpers.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Universal Employment Agency has established itself as a market leader in Singapore.

Their team of dedicated professionals excels in matching employers with foreign domestic helpers from countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

Whether you’re looking to hire a transfer maid or directly employ a maid you already know, Universal Employment Agency is equipped to assist you throughout the process.

With Universal Employment Agency, you can expect top-notch service and a seamless experience in finding the right domestic helper to meet your deep cleaning needs.

2. SparkCleanz | Your Trusted Cleaning Choice

Contact number: +6597822035
Address: 55 Serangoon North Ave 4, #03-03 S9, Singapore 555859
Google Map Location:

SparkCleanz Pte Ltd is a trusted NEA licensed cleaning company specializing in deep cleaning services.

With over 2 years of experience in the industry, SparkCleanz has established a solid reputation for their exceptional cleaning solutions.

Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and they take pride in their friendly and dedicated approach to serving clients.

SparkCleanz has a team of highly skilled and meticulous cleaners who are committed to delivering outstanding results.

They understand the importance of a clean and well-maintained living space and go above and beyond to ensure every corner is thoroughly cleaned.

Whether it’s regular house cleaning or moving out cleaning, their team is equipped to handle the task efficiently and effectively.

3. Obsessive Cleaning Disorder – Floor Cleaning & Polishing Services in SG

Contact number: +6581813086
Address: 5 Soon Lee St, #04-27, Singapore 627607
Google Map Location:

Obsessive Cleaning Disorder is renowned as one of the best house deep cleaning and floor polishing companies in Singapore, offering a wide range of affordable services.

With a commitment to delivering the highest quality cleaning solutions, they strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Whether it’s a move-out cleaning, post-renovation cleanup, upholstery cleaning, or even wall painting, Obsessive Cleaning Disorder takes immense pride in ensuring that your home is in impeccable condition by the time they finish their service – customer satisfaction is their priority.

Specializing in floor cleaning and polishing, they are equipped with advanced technology to deep clean, restore, and prevent future dirt and bacteria buildup on various types of floors including parquet, timber, vinyl, and marble.

Their team is highly skilled and pays meticulous attention to detail, leaving no spot untouched. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the results, praising the team members like Sabrina and Jo for their prompt communication, understanding of issues, and excellent workmanship.

The OCD team is dedicated to accommodating specific requests and assisting customers with mobility difficulties. For a truly exceptional deep cleaning experience, Obsessive Cleaning Disorder comes highly recommended.


Contact number: +6569093822
Address: 8 Boon Lay Way, #05-10 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609964
Google Map Location:

KMAC International Pte. Ltd., a professional and licensed cleaning company in Singapore, has been providing quality, trustworthy, and affordable deep cleaning services since its establishment in 2010.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional results, KMAC is dedicated to exceeding client expectations.

Their deep cleaning services are renowned for their effectiveness in transforming spaces into spotless and sanitized environments.

Whether it’s a post-renovation cleanup or a thorough cleaning of a long-neglected area, KMAC’s skilled and diligent cleaning crew tackles every task with utmost professionalism.

They understand the unique requirements of each client and work diligently to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Clients have consistently praised KMAC for their responsive and friendly customer service.

The team’s promptness and efficiency in turning a post-renovation, dusty, and greasy 10-year-old unit into a ready-to-move-in condition in less than four hours have been highly appreciated.

KMAC’s dedication to customer satisfaction and their ability to deliver outstanding results make them a top choice for deep cleaning services in Singapore.

5. Spring Cleaning Services

Contact number: +6590294341
Address: 60 Kaki Bukit Pl, #02-13 Eunos Techpark, Singapore 415979
Google Map Location:

Spring Cleaning Services is a reputable cleaning company in Singapore that is dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning and disinfection services.

With a team of experienced professionals, they offer germ-free office and house cleaning services, as well as disinfection services and moving-out cleaning.

Their mission is to ensure customer satisfaction and deliver a professional approach to cleaning.

When it comes to deep cleaning, Spring Cleaning Services covers a wide range of areas in your space.

In the living area, they pay attention to every detail, from cleaning ceiling fans to window interiors.

They prioritize surfaces and ensure thorough vacuuming and mopping of the floor.

6. CleanQ Pte Ltd

Contact number: +6588646343
Address: 50 Lorong 17 Geylang, #03-02, Singapore 388570
Google Map Location:

CleanQ Pte Ltd specializes in providing professional deep cleaning services for vinyl, tiles, parquet, and timber floorings, as well as upholstery steam cleaning for sofas, mattresses, carpets, baby beds, strollers, toys, and more.

Their team of experts is known for their professionalism and punctuality, ensuring that every cleaning project is handled with meticulous attention to detail.

When it comes to deep cleaning vinyl flooring and tiles, CleanQ goes above and beyond.

They not only perform a thorough cleaning but also apply a protective coating to ensure long-lasting results.

The team is highly knowledgeable and provides valuable advice on maintaining the protective film and glossiness for up to one year.

They emphasize the importance of addressing micro dust that can get trapped in vinyl due to its grain, ensuring a truly deep and comprehensive cleaning experience.

7. Eunike Living – Cleaning Services Singapore

Contact number: +6597457148
Address: Bedok Industrial Park E, Blk 3012, Singapore 489978
Google Map Location:

Eunike Living is a reputable professional cleaning company in Singapore that has been delivering well-considered and result-oriented cleaning services since 2008.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Eunike Living aims to efficiently fulfill all cleaning requirements with their exceptional services.

Their team of well-trained and professional staff brings along top-quality cleaning supplies, including ladders and industrial vacuum cleaners, for every cleaning assignment.

Specializing in one-time cleaning services, Eunike Living offers a range of options such as Post Renovation cleaning, Move out or Post Move cleaning, End Tenancy cleaning, Pre Move-in cleaning or Move in cleaning, Spring cleaning, and more.

Their meticulous approach ensures a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience.

Eunike Living is known for their excellent customer service and effective communication.

Customers have praised their prompt and friendly personnel, who work diligently without the need for supervision.

The team’s organization and punctuality are highly appreciated, as they start and complete tasks on time.

The cleaning services provided by Eunike Living have received rave reviews for their attention to detail and the transformative impact they have on the appearance of spaces.

With their hardworking and meticulous approach, Eunike Living consistently earns recommendations from satisfied customers who are impressed by the outstanding results achieved.

8. Clean Lab Pte Ltd

Contact number: +6567411522
Address: 25 Kaki Bukit Pl, Singapore 416203
Google Map Location:

Clean Lab offers specialized services such as Office Cleaning, Decontamination Treatment, Carpet Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, and Upholstery Cleaning, ensuring a thorough and hygienic environment.

By utilizing advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, Clean Lab is able to deliver exceptional results that exceed client expectations.

The team at Clean Lab is highly trained and experienced in handling various cleaning challenges, paying meticulous attention to detail and providing personalized solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Whether it’s removing tough stains from carpets, sanitizing mattresses for a healthier sleep environment, or revitalizing upholstery to its original glory, Clean Lab is committed to delivering excellence.

Moreover, Clean Lab prioritizes the health and well-being of its clients by using environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe for both humans and the environment.

By adopting a scientific approach and constantly staying up-to-date with the latest industry practices, Clean Lab ensures that its cleaning and disinfection programs are effective, efficient, and provide long-lasting results.

9.  Home Clean Home Services Pte. Ltd

Contact number: +6583387845
Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #04-09 Link@AMK, Singapore 569139
Google Map Location:

Home Clean Home is a top cleaning services company in Singapore, offering a range of deep cleaning services that cater to all your cleaning needs.

Whether you require general cleaning, a one-off spring clean, or specialized services like anti-dust mite mattress cleaning and thorough sofa upholstery cleaning, Home Clean Home has got you covered.

What sets Home Clean Home apart is their commitment to providing professional and trustworthy services.

The company takes pride in the satisfaction of their clients and has garnered numerous excellent reviews across Singapore’s forums and social media platforms.

Their reputation for delivering exceptional results speaks for itself.

10. Luce Home SG – Part Time Maid & Home Cleaning Services (formerly Homefresh)

Contact number: +6567344973
Address: 100D Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118520
Google Map Location:

Home Clean Home is a professional part-time maid and home cleaning service provider in Singapore, dedicated to delivering exceptional deep cleaning services at affordable rates.

With their experienced and skilled cleaning professionals, they ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

Whether you require weekly cleaning, ad hoc services, or same-day availability, Home Clean Home offers flexible scheduling options to suit your needs.

Their team of dedicated cleaners are known for their attention to detail and efficiency.

They take the initiative and require minimal instructions, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers.

With a strong commitment to providing top-notch service, Home Clean Home has earned a reputation for their excellent work and exceptional customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a reliable and thorough deep cleaning service in Singapore, Home Clean Home is the perfect choice.

11. Sureclean Singapore | Cleaning Company in Singapore

Contact number: +6569839523
Address: 10 Bukit Batok Cres, #14-02 The Spire, Singapore 658079
Google Map Location:

Sureclean®️ is a leading professional cleaning service in Singapore, committed to delivering exceptional deep cleaning services that prioritize customer satisfaction.

With a team of skilled and experienced professionals, Sureclean®️ takes pride in providing the best possible service, evident from the numerous 5-star reviews received on social media platforms.

The company firmly believes that customer happiness is the key to their success, going the extra mile to ensure complete client satisfaction and a memorable Sureclean®️ Experience.

Sureclean®️ is renowned for its Sureclean Happiness Guarantee, a testament to their commitment to customer happiness.

If clients are not fully satisfied with the service provided, Sureclean®️ will make it right, leaving no room for disappointment.

Using the latest and most efficient cleaning methods, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly products, Sureclean®️ ensures that every nook and cranny of your space is left spotless and hygienic.

12. Kleepers Singapore

Contact number: +6581228113
Address: 10 Anson Rd, #27-15 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Google Map Location:

Kleepers Singapore offers exceptional deep cleaning services that are designed to provide a hassle-free and thorough cleaning experience.

With their well-trained professionals, clients can expect top-notch service that exceeds expectations.

Each cleaner undergoes 30 hours of training, meticulously crafted by Kleepers’ Taiwanese and Japanese partners, ensuring that they possess the skills and expertise to tackle any cleaning task.

One of the standout features of Kleepers Singapore is their instant booking system, allowing clients to plan and confirm cleaning sessions within minutes, eliminating the need for time-consuming matching or waiting.

Additionally, their customer relationship management (CRM) system provides a convenient dashboard for clients to easily view past and upcoming cleaning sessions with just a click of a button.

With numerous positive testimonials praising the thoroughness and effectiveness of Kleepers Singapore’s deep cleaning services, it’s clear that they have built a strong reputation for their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s tackling tough stains, grease, or deeply embedded dust, Kleepers Singapore’s team of attentive and skilled cleaners will leave your space looking and feeling brand new.

13. Clean On Demand

Contact number: +6567175555
Address: 545 Orchard Road #05-35 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Google Map Location:

Clean On Demand offers exceptional deep cleaning services that simplify your everyday living.

Through their user-friendly app, they provide a seamless experience by connecting you with trusted and insured professional cleaners in your area.

By creating a profile on the app, you gain access to a variety of services designed to meet your specific cleaning needs.

One of their standout services is end-of-lease cleaning, ensuring that your rented space is thoroughly cleaned to meet the highest standards.

Additionally, Clean On Demand specializes in on-site curtain steam cleaning, delivering impressive results that leave your curtains fresh and revitalized.

What sets Clean On Demand apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Their responsive customer support team promptly addresses any queries or concerns through convenient communication channels like Whatsapp chat.

14. Part Time Maid, Part Time Cleaner

Contact number: +6586093600
Address: 61 Kakit bukit ave 1, #04-39G Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 417943
Google Map Location:

“Part Time Maid, Part Time Cleaner” is a trusted and reliable deep cleaning service provider in Singapore.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional cleaning solutions, they understand the value of your time and prioritize your well-being.

They believe that spending quality time with your family or engaging in productive work should take precedence over cleaning chores.

By availing their services, you can enjoy a clean and healthy home without having to sacrifice your precious moments.

As the leading part time maid agency in Singapore, Part Time Maid offers a wide range of services, including part time helpers, temporary maids, part time cleaning services, house cleaning, spring cleaning services, hourly maids, one-time cleaning, and ad-hoc cleaners.

With their dedicated and experienced team, they ensure thorough cleaning and attention to detail in every task.

15. AFM The Cleaning Company

Contact number: +6586609297
Address: 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #05-22 Northpoint Bizhub, Singapore 768159
Google Map Location:

AFM The Cleaning Company, located in Yishun, Singapore, specializes in a wide range of deep cleaning services.

From part-time maid services to comprehensive solutions such as deep cleaning, move in/move out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, mattress cleaning, and spring cleaning, they have you covered.

With a mission to be affordable, professional, and trustworthy, AFM aims to provide a wholesome cleaning experience for any location, with customer satisfaction as their top priority.

As a young and vibrant cleaning service company, AFM believes in building personal relationships with their clients to develop trust and understanding over time.

By doing so, they can better cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Moreover, AFM prides itself on its flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience for their customers.

With AFM The Cleaning Company, you can expect not only a clean and clutter-free home but also a positive and enjoyable cleaning service that puts your needs first.

16. Sendhelper by PropertyGuru Home Services

Contact number: +6593875891
Address: 1 Paya Lebar Link, #12-01/04, Singapore 408533
Google Map Location:

Sendhelper by PropertyGuru Home Services is a comprehensive one-stop platform that addresses all your home-related needs, including deep cleaning services.

With a commitment to providing convenience and reliability, Sendhelper connects Singaporean households with a carefully selected pool of highly skilled and trustworthy service partners.

When it comes to deep cleaning, Sendhelper understands the importance of a meticulous and thorough approach.

Their service partners are experienced professionals who specialize in transforming your living spaces into spotless havens.

From floor-to-ceiling sanitization to meticulous attention to detail, they leave no corner untouched.

Whether you require deep cleaning for your home or office, Sendhelper ensures that their service partners deliver exceptional results, using industry-leading equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the professionalism and efficiency of their service partners.

17. DomesticONE

Contact number: +6563881329
Address: 50 Tagore Ln, Singapore 787494
Google Map Location:

Sendhelper by PropertyGuru Home Services is a trusted provider of deep cleaning services in Singapore.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, they understand the importance of a clean and healthy living environment. Their team of experienced and certified cleaners are dedicated to delivering top-quality cleaning services to homeowners.

With Sendhelper, customers have the freedom and flexibility to customize their cleaning schedules and determine the scope of work required.

Whether it’s a thorough floor-to-ceiling deep cleaning or targeted attention to specific areas, Sendhelper ensures that every customer’s unique needs are met.

Backed by PropertyGuru, a renowned name in the real estate industry, Sendhelper maintains the highest standards of professionalism and reliability.

They prioritize the training and certification of their cleaning staff to ensure exceptional service quality.

18. Best Cleaning Agency

Contact number: +6588784888
Address: #01-253 Sin Ming Dr, Block 30, Singapore 575704
Google Map Location:

Best Cleaning Agency is a top-notch cleaning service provider that offers an array of exceptional deep cleaning services to cater to various needs.

Whether you’re moving in or out of a property, preparing for a new season with a thorough spring cleaning, dealing with post-renovation mess, in need of steam curtain polishing, table top cleaning, air-con servicing, or require periodic cleaning maintenance, Best Cleaning Agency has got you covered.

With a team of dedicated and experienced cleaners, led by the reliable and accommodating Jason, Best Cleaning Agency ensures customer satisfaction at every step.

Their cleaners are known for their attention to detail and efficiency.

They take pride in following instructions carefully while also demonstrating initiative to provide a thorough cleaning experience.

19. Auntie Cleaner (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Contact number: +6586093601
Address: 5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #05-03C AMK Tech 2, Singapore 567760
Google Map Location:

Auntie Cleaner is a renowned and trusted provider of comprehensive deep cleaning services in Singapore.

As a leading part-time maid and cleaning company, they have established a strong reputation for their exceptional expertise in house cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, curtain and sofa cleaning.

Whether it’s end of tenancy cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, weekly cleaning, adhoc cleaning, carpet cleaning, or spring cleaning, Auntie Cleaner offers a wide range of specialized services tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients.

With their team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, Auntie Cleaner ensures meticulous attention to detail and a thorough cleaning process.

They understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment, and their dedicated staff works diligently to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness.

20. Fresh Cleaning Pte Ltd

Contact number: +6583332999
Address: 1015 Geylang East Ave 3, #01-127, Singapore 389730
Google Map Location:

Fresh Cleaning is a reliable and quality cleaning service provider that has been serving customers for over 5 years.

With a strong belief in delivering excellent services to ensure customer satisfaction, they have established a reputation for their commitment to professionalism and customer care.

Their team of locally trained professional cleaners possesses extensive knowledge and skills, and they undergo regular weekly and monthly training to stay updated and ready for deployment.

By choosing Fresh Cleaning, customers can optimize their resources and reduce cleaning costs, allowing them to focus on their core business success.

One satisfied customer engaged Fresh Cleaning for their office cleaning needs and was thrilled to give them a glowing 5-star review.

From the very beginning, Fresh Cleaning consistently exceeded their expectations. The attention to detail displayed by the cleaning team was impeccable, leaving the office spotless and fresh after each visit.

The team was punctual, professional, and friendly, always going the extra mile to create a pristine working environment.

Even the most challenging areas were tackled with efficiency and expertise. This customer highly recommends Fresh Cleaning to any business seeking top-notch cleaning services.

21. Axgee Cleaning Pte Ltd

Contact number: +6565896998
Address: 10 Anson Rd, #33-03 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Google Map Location:

Axgee Cleaning Pte Ltd is a reputable cleaning company in Singapore that specializes in a range of deep cleaning services.

Whether you require weekly house cleaning, bi-weekly maintenance, part-time maid services, pre-move-in/move-out cleaning, or thorough spring cleaning, Axgee Cleaning has got you covered.

With their dedicated team of professional cleaners, they ensure that your place remains fresh and neat at all times.

The company takes pride in delivering high-quality cleaning services at affordable prices.

Their experienced and friendly cleaning team goes the extra mile to provide value and create positive memories for their clients.

They treat every house as if it were their own, ensuring a thorough and meticulous cleaning process.

Axgee Cleaning values customer satisfaction and continuously seeks feedback to improve their services.

They are committed to providing the best quality experience, both in terms of cleaning results and customer service.

Clients can rely on the company’s reliability and trustworthiness, as all their cleaners are local Singaporeans or Permanent Residents (PRs), receive CPF payment, and are fully insured.

22. Home Cleaning SG – House Cleaning & Part Time Cleaners On Demand

Contact number: +6531581508
Address: 71 Ubi Rd 1, #10-42, Singapore 408732
Google Map Location:

Home Cleaning SG is a reliable and comprehensive solution for all cleaning requirements.

With a focus on deep cleaning services, they cater to a wide range of residential properties, including small apartments, HDB flats, condos, and landed properties, among others.

The company prides itself on its meticulous selection process, which ensures that only the best part-time cleaners are employed.

These cleaners undergo professional training to deliver exceptional service quality.

One of the standout features of Home Cleaning SG is their commitment to customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

All their cleaners are insured, providing an extra layer of assurance for clients.

Whether clients require weekly cleaning services or a one-time deep cleaning session, Home Cleaning SG is the go-to company in Singapore.

Their services are both affordable and of the highest standards, ensuring that clients’ homes are transformed into pristine and inviting spaces.

With Home Cleaning SG, customers can enjoy a clean and hygienic living environment without the stress and hassle of cleaning themselves.

23. @bsolute Cleaning

Contact number: +6591869762
Address: 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 #03-05, Singapore 417943
Google Map Location:

@bsolute Cleaning is the leading choice in Singapore for those in need of reliable part-time maid services, cleaning services, curtain cleaning, spring cleaning, or carpet cleaning.

With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, @bsolute Cleaning has built a solid reputation as a trusted and reputable company in the industry.

Their team of skilled and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing thorough and efficient cleaning solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Whether it’s regular cleaning maintenance, deep spring cleaning, or specialized services like curtain or carpet cleaning, @bsolute Cleaning ensures exceptional results every time.

24. Nimbus Homes (formerly Rooma Services) | Residential Home Cleaning Singapore

Contact number: +6587878241
Address: 970 Toa Payoh N, #07-04, Singapore 318992
Google Map Location:

Nimbus Homes is a trusted provider of professional house cleaning services in Singapore.

With a focus on delivering exceptional deep cleaning solutions, Nimbus Homes caters to busy professionals and families who value the luxury of time.

Unlike other cleaning services, Nimbus Homes employs a dedicated crew of salaried workers, ensuring they receive staff benefits and insurance.

Freelancers are not part of their workforce, guaranteeing consistency in service delivery and performance.

Nimbus Homes places a strong emphasis on the quality of their staff.

Through comprehensive background checks and rigorous training programs, they ensure that their team is well-prepared to tackle any cleaning task.

When you choose Nimbus Homes, you can expect highly trained staff, equipped with top-notch tools and expertise to leave your home sparkling clean.

25. One Heart Cleaning Pte Ltd

Contact number: +6588183183
Address: 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #09-85 Northstar@AMK, Singapore 569880
Google Map Location:

One Heart Cleaning Services is a trusted provider of deep cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Singapore.

With a keen understanding of the diverse cleaning needs of property owners, they offer comprehensive, reliable, and competitively priced solutions.

As a leading cleaning services provider, One Heart Cleaning Services adopts a consultative approach, prioritizing close collaboration with clients to deliver exceptional results.

Their team of professionally trained cleaners is highly experienced and detail-oriented, ensuring customer satisfaction with every service.

Whether it’s basic or intensive cleaning, One Heart Cleaning Services excels in meeting the highest standards.

They take pride in their ability to remain flexible and tailor their services to cater to the specific requirements of each client.

By consistently delivering quality and efficient cleaning solutions, One Heart Cleaning Services has established a solid reputation as a go-to provider in the industry.

When it comes to deep cleaning services, residential and commercial property owners can rely on One Heart Cleaning Services for a meticulous and outstanding cleaning experience.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Deep Cleaning Service in Singapore

Hiring a deep cleaning service can be a valuable investment for maintaining a clean and healthy environment in your home or workplace.

With numerous options available in Singapore, it’s important to consider certain factors to ensure you choose the right cleaning service that meets your specific needs.

Here are 10 essential factors to consider when selecting a deep cleaning service:

  • Reputation and Experience: Look for a cleaning service with a solid reputation and extensive experience in the industry. Check online reviews, testimonials, and ratings to gauge the satisfaction levels of their past clients.
  • Services Offered: Assess the range of services provided by the cleaning company. Ensure that they offer deep cleaning services for the specific areas you need, such as kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, or upholstery.
  • Certification and Licensing: Verify if the cleaning service holds proper certifications and licenses. This ensures that they adhere to industry standards and regulations.
  • Trained and Professional Staff: Inquire about the qualifications and training of the cleaning staff. Well-trained professionals will be more efficient and effective in delivering high-quality deep cleaning services.
  • Cleaning Equipment and Products: Check if the cleaning service uses modern equipment and safe, eco-friendly cleaning products. This ensures effective cleaning without compromising the health of occupants or the environment.
  • Customization Options: Discuss your specific cleaning requirements with the service provider. A good cleaning service will offer customizable packages to tailor their services to your needs.
  • Insurance Coverage: Confirm if the cleaning service carries liability insurance. This protects you from any damages or accidents that may occur during the cleaning process.
  • Pricing Structure: Compare the pricing structures of different cleaning services. Look for transparency in pricing, including any additional charges or hidden fees.
  • Flexibility and Availability: Consider the flexibility and availability of the cleaning service. Determine if they can accommodate your preferred cleaning schedule and handle urgent cleaning requests if needed.
  • Customer Support and Communication: Evaluate the customer support provided by the cleaning service. Clear communication channels and responsive customer service are crucial for addressing any concerns or issues that may arise during the cleaning process.


In conclusion, the availability of professional deep cleaning services in Singapore provides a valuable solution to the stress and time constraints associated with thorough cleaning tasks.

Companies like CleanQ, SparkCleanz, and Fresh Cleaning excel in delivering exceptional cleaning solutions that cater to individual needs.

By entrusting these experts with the task of deep cleaning, you can enjoy the benefits of a pristine and inviting environment without the overwhelming burden.

Whether you require comprehensive sanitization or meticulous attention to detail, these service providers are dedicated to transforming your space into a spotless haven.

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