10 Closest Hotels Near Singapore Changi Airport

For those visiting Singapore for a short or long term, there are nearby apartments and hotels where you can stay overnight or for a couple of days. One good thing about traveling is that you don’t have to travel far just to find a place to accommodate you. And even when you just landed in Changi Airport, there are already professionals who work in hotels offering discounted room rates that you can avail anytime.

To help you out, here are some of the ideas on the best hotels closest to Singapore Changi Airport.

Best Hotels Near Singapore Changi Airport

When looking for hotels near the Changi Airport, you should first consider your preference in accommodation. You can choose from a simple to luxury hotels. Since there are a lot of good options, you can surely find the place that best suits your taste and need.

And for those who have low budget for rooms, don’t worry because there are modest types out there and you won’t have to go far just to find them. Refer to the list below for the best hotels you can find just around the corners of Changi Airport.

1. Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Image: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Image: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Hotel Rating: 5-star
Address: 75 Airport Boulevard (Terminal 3), Changi Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6823 5300 / 1800 787 1221
Website: https://changiairport.crowneplaza.com/

This is hotel is very near the Changi Airport, which is why the location is already great for travelers who don’t wish to travel anymore to find a hotel. You can actually reach this place through Terminal 1 and 2 using the monorail system and through Terminal 3 using the walkway. Meanwhile, the city centre is just a 30-min drive from the hotel. The amenities of the place include an outdoor pool and fitness gym on top of the private feature per room. The rooms are clean and well-equipped.

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2. Village Hotel Changi by Far East Hospitality

Village Hotel Changi by Far East Hospitality
Image: Village Hotel Changi by Far East Hospitality

Hotel Rating: 4-star
Address: 1 Netheravon Road, Changi, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6833 6688
Website: http://www.fareasthospitalitytrust.com/village-hotel-changi.html

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You will find Village Hotel Changi just a 10-min drive from the Changi Airport. What’s great about this hotel is that it is unique from any other urban hotels you will find near the area as it is located in a laid back place where there is quiet and peace. The hotel’s amenities include a hot tub and a rooftop pool. In terms of food, you won’t be worrying about the price because there is a food market in the place with cheap options.

3. Park Avenue Changi

Park Avenue Changi
Image: Park Avenue Changi

Hotel Rating: 5-star
Address: 2 Changi Business Park Avenue 1, Changi, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6830 8360
Website: https://parkavenueintl.com/parkavenuechangi/

This hotel is situated in the middle of Changi Business Park. The reception is open 24 hours so it’s really good to know that even if you travel during late nights, there are still places left open to welcome your stay. The amenities of this hotel include an outdoor pool, well-equipped gym, and WiFi access. There are also accessible traffic places like the Changi City Point Shopping Mall and Singapore EXPO convention. To add, one of the reasons why this is rated as 5-star is because of the friendly and accommodating staff.

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4. Raint33 Hotel Singapore

raintr33 hotel singapore
Image: Raint33 Hotel
Raintr33 Hotel
Image: Raintr33 Hotel

Hotel Rating: 4-star
Address: 33 Hendon Road, Changi, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6653 3833
Website: http://raintr33hotel.com/

Raint33 hotel has a great environment since it is surrounded by trees and grasses. It’s one of the peaceful places you can book if you’re near the Changi Airport. Included in the hotel’s amenities are WiFi access, outdoor swimming pool, and barbeque facilities. If you are with your family and friends, it’s perfect to start your getaway at this hotel and utilize their equipment for cooking barbeque. You can also reach the so-called Changi Village Food Centre for cheap local food options.

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5. Hotel G Singapore

Hotel G Singapore
Image: Hotel G Singapore

Hotel Rating: 4-star
Address: 200 Middle Road, Bencoolen, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6809 7988
Website: https://www.hotelgsingapore.com/

If you’re coming from Sim Lim IT Mall, Bugis Village, or the National Library, you can just walk for 5 minutes then you will reach the Middle Road where Hotel G is located. Just like any other hotels, this place has WiFi access, in-house restaurants, and great rooms with different appliances available for use. The location and facilities are what makes this place favorable to travelers.

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6. Capri by Fraser Changi City

Capri by Fraser Changi City, Singapore
Image: Capri by Fraser
Capri by Fraser
Image: Capri by Fraser

Hotel Rating: 4-star
Address: 3 Changi Business Park Central 1, Changi, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6933 9833
Website: https://singapore.capribyfraser.com/en

This hotel is located in the center of Changi Business Park and 5 minutes away from Changi Airport. The most popular amenities of the hotel include free WiFi access, outdoor pool, bar, non-smoking rooms, and gym. If you are bored staying in, you can go out and go to Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre. One of the greatest attributes of this hotel is their great customer service.

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7. Changi Cove D’Resort at Downtown East

D'Resort @ Downtown East
Image: D’Resort @ Downtown East
D'Resort @ Downtown East
Image: D’Resort

Hotel Rating: 4-star
Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6582 3322
Website: https://www.dresort.com.sg/

If you want a hotel away from the busy city of Singapore, you can try out D’Resort at Downtown East. This place is basically surrounded by Pasir Ris Park, which emphasizes the presence of nature around the hotel. This hotel has built-in water park and in-house restaurants which you can enjoy together with the things in your private rooms. This place is perfect for those who are looking for rooms with separate rooms, kitchenette, and bathroom.

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8. Ibis Budget Singapore Clarke Quay

Ibis Budget Singapore Clarke Quay
Image: Ibis Budget Singapore Clarke Quay
The Fragrance Hotel
Image: The Fragrance Hotel

Hotel Rating: 3-star
Address: 20 Hong Kong Street, Boat Quay, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6345 6116
Website: https://www.fragrancehotel.com/

Rated as 3-star hotel, this place is just 5 minutes away from Clarke Quay MRT Station and Singapore River. Their most popular facilities include free WiFi access, swimming pool, and spacious rooms. They also have coffee machines and cables TVs which are available for your use. The spacious rooms are clean and comfortable, which makes this hotel a good option for visitors here in Singapore.

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9. Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy
Image: Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Hotel Rating: 4-star
Address: 50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square, Katong, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6344 8000
Website: https://www.grandmercureroxy.com.sg/

Located in Katong, you can get here in Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy 2 kilometers if you’re coming from East Coast Park. It’s just 15 minutes away from Changi Airport, making it a convenient place for travelers who don’t want to find accommodation away from the famous airport. Also, the location is very ideal since we have Parkway Parade Shopping Centre, Singapore Expo, Singapore Flyer, and Changi Business Park around the corners of the hotelsp You can also avail their 2-way shuttle service from the Changi Airport.

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10. Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong

holiday inn express singapore
Image: Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong
Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong
Image: Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong

Hotel Rating: 4-star
Address: 88 East Coast Road, Katong, Singapore
Telephone Number: +65 6723 2001
Website: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/us/en/singapore/sinka/hoteldetail

Holiday Inn Express provides rooms with contemporary style to travelers. This hotel is linked to Katong Square so if you will come from the place, you won’t have to exit the building. Their popular facilities include 24/7 fitness gym, non-smoking rooms, 24/7 reception area, free WiFi access, and different sizes of spacious rooms. The location is surrounded by different establishments like Katong Mall, and Parkway Parade Shopping Mall, making it a perfect hub for travelers who want to go shopping after their stay. They provide great service to visitors as well.

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Did you know that Singapore Changi Airport was named as “best in show” at the World Airport Awards in 2017? Yes, and it was the fifth consecutive time that this airport received such an award. In 2016, 58.7 million passengers were able to experience the greatest airport in the world and it was such a great privilege. This gateway offers different attractions to visitors across its 4 terminals. What a great way to start your travel, right? The Changi Airport just become one of many tourist spots you are about to see and experience for yourself.

What makes this airport special is that it has a butterfly garden located in Terminal 3 where flowering plants, a waterfall, and different species of butterflies fly free to give visitors something to entertain them. Both Terminal 1 and 2 also have cactuses and orchids that give a unique feeling to travelers. Some travelers start their fun experience in this airport as this has distinctive attributes from any other airports around the world. And of course, for the most convenient part, there are a lot of hotels and accommodation types built just near the airport for visitors.