Getting a Job: Direct Hire vs. Recruitment Agencies?

Working abroad may be the end destination, but the journey to get there may take on various routes. For some, their ticket to working abroad is by getting hired directly by a multinational company to work for them abroad whereas others may need to go through recruitment agencies for job placements abroad.  Either way, it’s important for those who wish to work abroad to know which fits them better.

As a first-time expat, getting a company to directly hire you is really a lucky set-up as there are less risks. Having an agency, a reputable one that doesn’t really get any ‘cut’ from your salary and are paid separately by international companies, are also a good option. So it really depends on the need of these companies and definitely a lot of luck if you’re going to seek for jobs overseas.

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How to gain Employment Abroad: Direct Hire vs Recruitment Agencies

Benefits of Direct Hire

Direct Hiring, at face value, seems more promising because landing a deal (or a contract) to be exact even before going out of the country is way more desirable than looking for a job after you’ve left your home country. If you’re risk-conscious, then this is the route for you – well, only because it’s the legal route besides signing up with recruitment agencies.

But as simple as that sounds, there’s actually a lot of work that you need to cover by yourself if you take on this route. Of course, there’s the application process – remember, you’re not the only one who’s out there looking for a job, or the same position in the same company. So let’s face it, you’re on your own but definitely not without competition. So as with anything desirable in life, you really have to put in great effort and take advantage of your resources, or any edge that you have to rise above the competition.

Benefits of Recruitment Agencies (Legitimate Ones)

Remember, you really don’t have to go through the process on your own. And that’s what recruitment agencies are there for. They will serve as the middle man or the bridge to the company you are targeting or other similar companies who might be in need of people with skills that you may have. Agencies also have a file pool which they can get a hold of to reach out to applicants or companies during recruitment seasons.

So while you are actively seeking for a job placement when you go with direct hiring, you get extra help from recruitment agencies (especially from reputable ones) simply because they understand and can bridge the process for potential employees and employers. Of course, recruitment agencies are also businesses and they also need to make money so it’s important that you understand the terms and conditions of any recruitment firm that you would like to work with to gain employment just so everything is transparent and neither parties will be at a disadvantage.

When job hunting, it’s important to explore your options to gain employment – it most certainly depends on your preference and circumstances. Remember, what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you and vice versa. So in terms of which route works best for you, understanding where you’re coming from is key to know where you want to be and how you will get there.