Enhance Your Career with these Small Steps

The good work that you do oftentimes doesn’t simply translate to a successful career because even if you are good at doing something, but if your job isn’t exactly rewarding or if your efforts often go unnoticed and unrecognized – chances are, you’d get stuck in the same position you’re in for some time.

The most trusted formula to succeed in one’s career involves getting recognized by your superiors, receiving credit for your work and maintaining your professional credibility within your circles, but more than that, the things you do outside of work can actually give you that much needed boost in your career and position you for growth outside the confines of your 9 to 5. Here are 6 small changes you can make in your free time to enhance your career:

6 Small Changes you can make during your free time to boost your Career

  1. Organize your social media accounts.

People nowadays are always online. Meaning, it’s easy to find and create connections through social networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just to name a few. Given the right amount of creativity and social media management, anyone can significantly increase their value among their peers and circles by becoming more visible and connected in certain causes and social interests. If you spend plenty of time on social media, then you might consider tweaking your activities online a little to make it more beneficial to your growth.

  1. Keep your LinkedIn account up-to-date.

Remembering to update your professional portfolio on LinkedIn can pay great dividends. Head hunters are most likely to look for potential job candidates online or through social and professional network sites such as LinkedIn so be sure to take the time to fill in the details as much as you can, and don’t forget to upload a recent photo that is appropriate to your field or profession. Doing this simple step during your free time opens you to more opportunities that you don’t usually find on your own.

  1. Keep a personal blog.

There are so many reasons why people keep their own personal blogs. If done right, you can use it to effectively boost your profile in your own field and share your expertise to advance your own brand in the industry. By doing the things that you are passionate about and turning it to an expertise, people will eventually seek you for your service and this in turn, can greatly benefit your career.

  1. Engage in volunteer work.

Leaders in various industries aren’t just recognized for their work, people also value other people who give back to society and respond to their social responsibilities. Think about it, what better way to go and be visible than by doing work that greatly benefits society as a whole? There are plenty of organizations that extend help to various causes and social outreaches, but it’s up to you to find out where your passion is. Once you do, go ahead and make a difference and the rewards will follow afterwards.

  1. Get started on your personal projects.

Small, repetitive actions make more impact in our lives than instantaneous big decisions. Finding what you are good at and building on your strength, whether as a hobby or as a creative outlet may not be directly related to your line of work but doing these things on the side can open opportunities for you to grow as an individual. How you handle projects, whether it be cultivating your garden or designing a website can speak volumes of the kind of work that you do as well as your character, as a person. Don’t neglect these things because they just might help you land the job that you’ve been aiming for.

  1. Organize your social media.

In this day and age, networking and marketing are two serious businesses that everyone should take advantage of. Whether you are simply reconnecting with friends or crowd sourcing on Facebook, constant interaction with different types of people put you in the position to try new opportunities and rewarding experiences. Another important thing is finding what you are passionate about and taking the effort to make a difference in other people’s lives by making your efforts known and available to them through marketing.

  1. Be a part of an organization.

This is one good way to build your network and enrich your experience by being with people who share the same passion and can impart important knowledge and skills that will help you become better at your craft or as an individual in general. Experiences shared by people who walk the same journey can become invaluable gems that can greatly benefit your career.

It is important to explore ways on how to enhance your chances to go up the career ladder, but when hard work simply isn’t enough – you need to expose yourself to the right people and make good connections to open yourself to new opportunities, learning and experiences that can help you achieve your goals. Digging deep into what you are passionate about helps a lot in building up your skills and character for your career.

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