4 Skill-Enhancement Courses to Boost Your Career

Have you ever found yourself doing the same old things over and over again at work? Do you sometimes wish you could do something new… or something more for yourself? When a career change is not an option, and seriously, if you’ve spent a great deal of time and trouble going up the career ladder, the change may not be necessary or even logical – but, if you do want some kind of change then consider learning new or upgrading your skills to enhance your career and to add more value in what you do.

There are plenty of schools which offer continuing education programs but if you belong to the 75% of professionals out there, chances are you simply don’t have the money or the time to go back to the classroom. But it’s very important that you learn to keep moving forward and to gain new skills even if we already have jobs. Here we list some important skills that we should always develop.

course to enhance skills

Gain more out of these skill upgrades for less

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog any new tricks certainly didn’t come from this era, or at least from our generation. In a highly competitive market, skills get outdated similarly by as much as a car’s value drops over time.So here’s our list of cost-effective short courses you can take to bring your skills to the next level:

  1. Enroll in a Business English Course

Communication is important in building client relations and is the foundation of some high-profile industries such as public relations and marketing where you’ll be representing a company or a business. Enrolling in a Business English course can give you a stark advantage if you’re right along these career tracks or even if it’s just for interest or self-improvement.


Fortunately, there are reputable organizations such as the British Council which offer Business English courses to help both students and professionals increase their aptitude in speaking the English language for business. While some courses sit over a $1,000 price range, the return of investment will surely be worth the cost for the long term.


  1. Take up a Computer Repair Course

In this digital age, computers are important fixtures in any workplace or even in common households. Taking up a computer repair course can be a valuable skill not simply for personal benefit, but you can also put this skill in good use at work.


It could also be an additional source of income should you decide to take on freelance work. Minor repairs can be done in less than an hour at prices ranging between $70 and $200.


  1. Sign up for a FISCA Financial Planning Course

For those in the accounting and finance industries, signing up for a FISCA training course is probably one of the best and more affordable investments you can make to give your career the boost it needs to take it to the next level.


The great thing with this kind of training and workshop is the value you get from face-to-face instruction and real-time coaching that is not readily available in textbooks and from online learning. It’s also highly advisable to register for FISCA membership to take advantage of their helpful seminars and workshops offered at reasonable prices for members.

  1. Take up a Blogging Course

Businesses are now becoming more reliant on digital marketing and online communication platforms. That said, enrolling yourself in a blogging course can help you develop the skills needed to communicate effectively on-line. For esteemed professionals, personalities and experts from various fields, having a blog can give you the exposure you need to highlight your personality, skills and life work. It also lets you connect to a specific audience you intend to interact with to share your passion with or grow your business and network.


What’s nice about blogs is that they’re incredibly cost-effective and easy to put up – some blogging websites such as WordPress, Blogger and recently Wix even provide free blog hosting services for those who wish to put up their own blog for personal use or business. You can enroll for a two-week introductory course to familiarize yourself with all the basic tools you will need to create and maintain a smart and appealing blog.


Whatever it is you do or field you are in, there will always be new opportunities for self-improvement and personal enhancement. What these courses can do for you does not only affect your career but also your growth as an individual. When you invest your time and money in gaining new or additional skills, you are only setting yourself up for better things ahead.