5 Things You Can do With Your Free Time While Temporarily Unemployed

Having to go through a time when you’re not doing any paid work can be stressful and difficult for most people, especially when it comes so unexpectedly. But given the amount of time you are left to deal with doing anything but work, it’s good to have some ideas on how to keep yourself busy while keeping things into perspective.

Despite the fact that Singapore’s unemployment rate remained low at 2.2 per cent in 2017, this relatively small figure represented at least 80,000 unemployed individuals. Aside from studying the general trend and direction the labour sector is headed to, doing a couple of career-building activities on the side will definitely give you the experience and background to enhance your chances of succeeding in your chosen career path. Plus, some of these can also do you some good financially.

Tips on How to Maximize Your Time While Temporarily Unemployed

You do not have to focus on just one of any of the following tips we’ll provide in this post. Actually, it’s so much better if you allot time for most of these, if not all of them. Because right now, your mind-set should be: “my time is my resource”, so it’s very important for you to pick the activities that you know will benefit you now and in the immediate future.

1.      Look for a Temporary Job

Let’s face it – job hunting can take much longer than we hope it would be. A good and smart way to make use of this waiting period is to take on part-time work or freelance jobs to keep the funds coming in as you wait for that break.

In addition, employers might see this kind of initiative as to how you are able to use your time meaningfully instead of wasting it on waiting for the ‘perfect’ job to come to you.

2.      Start on a Passion or Personal Project

For most people, working full-time requires them to devote all of their time to perform in their jobs. This means setting aside personal projects or hobbies that they have always wanted to do, if not for their job.

If you’re one of the few people who’ve made it possible to earn a living from their passion, then consider yourself an inspiration. However, if you’re in the position where you have all the time in the world to do/start working on something that you love, then consider yourself lucky. If possible, try to employ the skills that you’ve gained from your work and study background, so your project wouldn’t be a question of experience or expertise.

3.      Remain Positive

Truth be told, the waiting part can be the hardest for some people, especially when there’s pressure from family and the people around you. But if you would feel down, remember that you can still make use of your time to make meaningful things and to help other people in ways only you can. And also, remember to give yourself a treat every now and then because waiting is truly a difficult task.

4.      Go through Career Counselling

If you’re feeling stuck and think that you’ve exhausted all the tricks under your sleeve, then you most likely would need professional help. Going to a career counselling programme can help you gain new insights in the industries and fields that you are aiming for.

Moreover, the counsellors can also help you improve your resume to meet HR standards these days, and to teach you a variety of skills from doing interviews to e-branding. And finally, it also helps to meet other people who are in a similar situation as you, as well as those coming from different fields and line of work.

5.      Create a Plan on what to do with your Resources

Given that unemployment leaves most people with too much time and little money, the task to make ends meet becomes quite challenging on a daily basis. So, as to not lose track of your resources, it’s best to keep to a daily schedule so that you remain on top of your budget and activities while waiting for your break to come.

Keeping to a schedule also helps you follow through and accomplish your goals. Think of this as simple a way of investing your time into something your future self will thank you for whether it be through learning a new skill (i.e. language) or doing something meaningful or something that you love.