Man Sent to Prison for Embezzling Money from Girlfriend worth Almost SGD 180,000 to Gamble

Nowadays, it’s really hard to tell what a person’s intention is for making an acquaintance. Some may express pure interest, but others may also have ulterior motives.

This may come in the form of stealing others’ identities, or extorting money from others through blackmailing once the other party has invested enough time and trust with the other. And this is just too alarming.

Man Sent to Prison for Embezzling Money from Girlfriend worth Almost SGD 180,000 to Gamble

Man Swindles Girlfriend of Money for Gambling, Lands in Jail

Only two days into their relationship, a man allegedly asked his girlfriend for financial support claiming that he was facing financial difficulty at work, as shared in a report by Yahoo! News Singapore.

After getting the requested amount, the man identified as Gary Won Han Kiat used it to fuel his gambling addiction.

Two years into the relationship, Won has established a habit of borrowing money from his girlfriend, and always for the very same reason.

On February 12 (Tuesday), Won was sentenced to 25 months in prison after he pleaded guilty to 18 counts of cheating. There were other 42 charges that have been taken into consideration for the decision.

As per court documents, Won, 35, who is an odd job worker had met the 26-year old woman via WeChat in October 2015. The two had a romantic relationship which lasted until May 2017. The woman had been working as an office receptionist back then.

On several occasions, Won had duped the woman into sending him money to help him with his “financial situation” accounting to 23 occasions in 2015, with amounts ranging from SGD 600 to SGD 6,000 each time.

Sometime in November 2015, the woman had asked her mother for financial help after Won had requested for more money. The mother agreed and even cashed out her personal insurance policy to help her daughter.

The woman managed to transfer money to Won throughout 2016. Her last transaction was made on April 6 2017, as per court records.

Seeking 27 months’ jail for Won, Deputy Public Prosecutor Jessie Lim explained in court that Won would go almost immediately to the game houses after receiving the money he “borrowed” from the woman, which reveals that the man has no intention of using it for work or investments.

The accused, who is now unemployed, could have been sent to jail for up to 10 years and fined for each account of embezzlement.