Man Sent to Jail for 4 Months After Leaking Nude Photos of Maid Online

The internet has become a huge open space for anyone who has interests in promoting products, organizing events, and even supporting a cause.

However, as it is only and still a tool, the internet is also very much prone to abuse and misuse such as through blackmailing other people, taking on the identity of others (identity theft), and amassing sensitive information for profit or personal gain.

Man Sent to Jail for 4 Months After Leaking Nude Photos of Maid Online

Man Gets 4 Months’ Jail Term for Leaking Nude Photos of Maid Online

This has just been the case when a Bangladeshi man got into a fight with a foreign domestic worker after the latter rejected his advances, and so he leaked the woman’s nude photos online to get back at her, as shared in a report by the Straits Times.

Because of this, the man identified as Islam Rokibul, 32, a marine trades worker, has been sentenced to serve four months’ jail term by authorities last January 14.

Islam had pleaded guilty to criminal intimidation and sharing obscene material electronically. According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Jaime Pang disclosed to court that Islam and the 28-year old victim, who is to be kept unnamed for her own protection, had met first through Facebook.

Based on the statements released on court, one day Islam had a video call with the woman on Facebook Messenger while she was in the shower. The man managed to take screenshots of the woman’s face and her naked body in the shower and saved copies of them on his device without her knowing or giving him permission. The apparently did this in order to force the victim into having a permanent relationship with him.

In September of last year, the woman had stopped communicating with Islam, and around this time, the man called up the woman and threatened her that he would post her photos online if she refuses to have a permanent relationship with him.

And when the woman did not give in to his demands, Islam posted seven nude photos of her through social media platform IMO, with the intention to shame the woman.

In response to this, the woman filed a police report at Yishun North Neighbourhood Police Centre on Oct 4.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Pang, Islam could have been sent to prison for up to ten years on top of a fine for criminal intimidation to broadcast that a woman is immoral. And for transmitting obscene images through electronic means, Islam could have been jailed up to three months on top of a hefty fine.