Woman Arrested over Charges of Credit and Debit Card Fraud

As most transactions here in Singapore are going digital, many tech-savvy individuals can easily tamper with or get access to private information of an individual or even an entire network.

Owing to this fact, authorities and lawmakers have come up with relevant laws and measures to counter the activities of online swindlers and to control this type of crime in the state from proliferating.

Woman Arrested over Charges of Credit and Debit Card Fraud

Debit and Credit Card Swindler Stealing over $41,000 Captured

Last Friday (January 4), the police had announced the arrest of a 28-year old woman for allegedly using stolen debit and credit card details to perform unauthorized transactions amounting to over $14,000, as shared in a report by Yahoo! Singapore. The woman was to be sent to trial on court the next day.

On December 11 of last year, a bank representative reached out to authorities to report a number of incidences reported by their clients for unauthorized debit and credit card transactions vi an EZ-link app.

According to the report by the police, the woman had allegedly made over 1,000 unauthorized EZ-link top-up transactions between August and November last year, by using the details gathered from more than 30 debit and credit cards owned by other people.

It was unclear, however, how the woman was able to collect these details.

Eventually, officers from the Commercial Affairs Department were able to establish the identity of the culprit and have tracked her down along Upper Changi Road for her arrest on Friday.

As per official reports, four EZ-link cards, which were confiscated as case exhibits all belonged to the woman.

If convicted on accounts of unauthorised access to computer material under Section 3(1) of the Computer Misuse and Cyber security Act, Chapter 50A, the woman can be fined up to $5,000, serve prison time up to two years, or both.