VivoCity to Host ‘Largest Public Library in a Mall’ Starting Jan 12

Amid a growing number of attractions available in the city, a new public library is soon to open inside a mall in Singapore. And as the trend nowadays is geared towards providing a more interactive or immersive experience for visitors, as in museums found in the country, the new public library will also follow suit catering to its diverse visitors.

The facility, hopefully, will foster a culture of a fun learning experience as part of the thrusts highlighted by the government with the entry of the New Year.

‘Largest Public Library in a Mall’ to Open in VivoCity this Month

Visitors of all ages at the soon to open library@harbourfront can freely lounge with a book in hand while taking in the remarkable view of Sentosa when it opens on January 12, as shared in a report by Channel News Asia.

The new facility soon to be recognized as the ‘largest public library’ located in a shopping mall is located at the third level of VivoCity, spanning 3,000 sqm.

The library will feature two distinct zones – one for children and another for adults – to create conducive spaces with state-of-the-art facilities that promote reading and cater to age-specific learning needs, according to the National Library Board (NLB).

Furthermore, the library has a 460-seating capacity and houses a collection of around 200,000 books, magazines, and audio-visual resources.

The Children’s Area will be completely equipped with technology that would stir the young readers’ creativity and imagination, such as areas called the Tinker Truck where Augmented Reality books on a variety of themes and topics will be made accessible.

The library will also feature a “first maker” section which aims to help young readers develop creativity and critical thinking skills with the use of IY learning materials, crafts and puzzles.

Additionally, a learning space has been carved out for projecting stories and videos through the use of light and sound effects to create a more immersive storytelling experience.

Meanwhile, the adults will also have their own unique learning spaces, fully equipped with 16 e-newspaper reading stations – the most in any public library on the island.

There will also be regular exhibitions on emerging technologies to be featured at the venue at least every quarter.

With the direction the government is taking on its requirements and standards when it comes to standards of facilities being established in the country, Singapore is well on its way to becoming a smart nation, and for all the right reasons.

To know more about library@harbourfront, you can check out the NLB’s official webpage for the new facility.