How to Apply for a Certificate of Clearance (COC) in SG

There are certain documents that are being required of an individual who resides and works in Singapore: one of which, being the Certificate of Clearance (COC) from the Singapore Police Force (SPF), which serves as proof that an individual has not committed any crime or violation in Singapore within a given time frame.

A COC or Police Clearance is important here in Singapore for various reasons which include: employment, further education, adoption, and/or migration, among others. At present, the SPF has adopted a new (online) method for applying for a COC. Read on to know more about the requirements and the new process:

The Expat’s Guide: How to Apply for a Certificate of Clearance (COC) from Singapore Police Force (SPF)

From paper to electronic transactions

The transition was a welcome development, as almost all documentary services today are done online not just here in Singapore but pretty much everywhere else in the world.

Being as it is, the SPF no longer accept walk-in applications at the Police Cantonment Complex as the process can be availed through the e-Service portal. Moreover, booking for fingerprinting appointments as well as payments can now be done online.

Requirements for Foreign Nationals to Apply for a COC

  1. At least 16 years old or above
  2. The applicant must have stayed in Singapore for at least six months, and currently possesses a valid pass that have been issued by either the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) or the Immigrations Checkpoint Authority (ICA).
  3. Any document indicating that a COC is a requirement by foreign government authorities or various foreign institutions for the stated purpose of the applicant (ie. employment, further education, adoption, and/or migration).
  4. An appeal by non-Singaporean citizens to apply for a COC that come along with the following requirements:
    • A SingPass and/or a Foreign Identification Number (FIN)
    • A scanned document indicating the requirement and purpose of the COC
    • A scanned copy of the biometric page of the applicant’s valid passport
    • Any scanned Identification document or ID, front and back page (i.e. work permit, National Registration Identity Card [NRIC], etc.)
    • Scanned or digital passport-size photo
    • A valid Debit/Credit Card (VISA/MASTERCARD) or an i-Banking account for online payment transactions.
    • Original hardcopy fingerprint images (optional)


  1. Submit the requirements to make an appeal to apply for a COC via the SPF e-Service Webpage
  2. Wait for a notification of approval of the Appeal.
  3. Apply for a COC via the SPF e-Service Webpage.
  4. Fill out the forms online and send your payment via Debit/Credit Card or your iBanking account.
  5. Visit the COC Office to have your fingerprints taken.
  6. Pick up your Certificate.

For more information or to submit your queries, you may contact the COC Office through:


Criminal Records, CID (COC) 391 New Bridge Road
Block C, Police Cantonment Complex, Singapore 088762
Tel: +65 6557 3985

As explained above, the application for a COC or Police Clearance can now be done online on the SPF’s E-Service Webpage. Therefore, prior to submitting your application be sure to have electronic copies of the requirements as well as access to given payment options stated on the Webpage. This is to ensure that you go through the process smoothly and to get the best result in the soonest time possible.