Elderly Caught with Duty Unpaid Contraband at Singapore Cruise Centre

No one is above the law. Whether we are an elderly person or a minor, for as long as we are in the wrong, everyone will be made accountable.

This is the principle by which a strong government earns the trust and builds a reputation among its citizens and outside forces, as well. For as long as laws are upheld, the people can expect an orderly society with high regard for one’s rights as well as responsibilities.

Elderly Caught with Duty Unpaid Contraband at Singapore Cruise Centre
Image Credits: ICA FB Page

80-year old Man Arrested for Smuggling Duty Unpaid Cigarettes at Singapore Cruise Centre

An 80-year old man has been brought to Singapore Customs after authorities have discovered duty unpaid cigarettes in his possession at the Singapore Cruise Centre last Feb. 10 (Sunday), as shared in a report by Channel News Asia.

The incident was discovered by the officers on-site when they detected suspicious items in two of the man’s bags under the luggage scanner as shared by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authorities (ICA) on their Facebook page on February 12 (Tuesday).

A total of three cartons and 34 packets of duty unpaid cigarettes as well as 21 loose sticks were found hidden in assorted box and compartments inside the man’s bags.

As per the ICA, they will continue to mobilize security officers to inspect all passengers and vehicles to thwart smuggling attempts of undesirable entities, drugs, weapons, explosives and other contrabands, among others.

Just last week, 25 drivers were arrested for attempting to smuggle duty-unpaid cigarettes into the country from last year. The arrested individuals claimed that they were lured in by online advertisements.

Whenever travelling, it is best to take note of the rules and regulations of the country you are entering in advance so as not to be faced with any untoward situation due to the lack of express knowledge of what you have committed or violated in the first place.