‘World’s most powerful’ passport takes on a new look, more security features

Much of the hype about the Singapore biometric passport can be attributed to the fact that it was recently hailed as the ‘world’s most powerful’ with an impressive visa-free score of 159 to edge Germany from the top spot. However, that is not the only thing that is exciting about the Singapore passport nowadays because it will also get a new visa page layout and additional security features as announced by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in a press meeting last Oct. 26.

There will be two security upgrades for the new biometric passport. The first feature involves the photo of the passport holder enclosed in the window which can be seen as a positive or negative image when angled and adjusted against transmitted lighting. The second feature is a surface-altering design showing the shape of Singapore’s national flower, which reflects light and shows animation effects at varying angles.

The Singapore passport’s new design provides more security features. PHOTO: ICA

The Latest Singapore Biometric Passport has a new look and improved security features

The ICA upgraded the biometric passport with the following features for additional security to make it more difficult to replicate or tamper with:

  • An embossed tangible layout
  • An improved Multiple Laser Image (MLI) that is patterned after the Singapore map
  • An enhanced Diffractive Optically Variable Image Device (DOVID) design taking on an achromatic appearance when tilted at varying angles.

Furthermore, the ICA mentioned that the visa pages will have new designs in reference to six of Singapore’s most renowned attractions and places of interest such as the Marina Barrage, the Esplanade, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Punggol New Town, Singapore Sports Hub and Gardens by the Bay.

Citizens with valid passports do not need to have them replaced whereas those who have applied for a Singapore passport from Oct. 21 and beyond will be issued with passports with the latest design and upgrades. These passports will be distributed starting Oct. 30, according to ICA.