Singapore Passport is ‘Most Powerful’ in the World

The Little Red Dot doesn’t seem so little anymore. Singapore has made another feat in the international scene yet again. For the first time ever, Singapore now has the ‘most powerful passport’ in the world according to global financial consultancy group, Arton Capital’s Passport Index ranking released last Oct. 25.

This remarkable feat came with some help from distant Paraguay. Singapore outclassed its fierce rival Germany for the top spot in the passport index rankings after Paraguay got rid of its visa requirements for Singaporeans giving Singapore a thin margin of the lead by a point (159) as to Germany’s visa-free count of 158.

singapore passport

Singapore now has the world’s “most powerful passport”


For the longest time in history, the top ten most powerful passports belonged to Western countries, particularly those from Europe – with Germany taking the top spot in the last two years.

Mr Philippe May, managing director of Arton Capital Singapore, acknowledges the fact that this is only the first time an Asian country has ever landed at the top of the list. This just goes to show that Singapore has done great efforts in promoting inclusive diplomatic foreign relations and upholding strong international policy.

The passport index positions national passports according to the cross-border accessibility feature they provide, and by giving them visa-free scores which is determined by the total number of countries a passport holder can enter with or without visa.

Mr Armand Arton, president and founder of Arton Capital, shares that as the world has now become a global community, the need for visa-free global mobility has also gained great value. As such, more global citizens have already invested over hundreds and thousands of dollars in a second passport to gain more opportunities and safety for themselves and their families.

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