How to Stay Connected in Singapore (Phone and Internet Tips)

The holiday season is fast approaching and if you’re planning on visiting Singapore, here’s how you can spend your holidays overseas without necessarily taking a vacation from your social life. For newbie travellers who want to know what are your options to go online and be connected online, here are some tips to guide you.

Even if you’re coming here in search of a job, having free internet on the go and staying up to date is really helpful.

tips to stay online in sg


A Guide on staying connected in Singapore

There are various ways to keep your communication lines open when in Singapore. It basically depends on what you need. You can get a prepaid SIM card, buy your own pocket wi-fi, or access free public wi-fi in various spots in the city- here’s how:

  1. Prepaid SIM Card

You can’t be anywhere in this era without your mobile on hand. If you’re big on texting or making calls, then you should consider getting a Singapore prepaid SIM card. It’s worth noting that all three local telco providers in Singapore – Singtel, M1 and Starhub offer various bundles for local and international calls and messaging which come with adjustable mobile data plans to suit your needs and lifestyle. These bundles can be availed for a duration of five days up to a month or even more.



As of April 2017, all local telcos in Singapore no longer support 2G network. So if your existing provider operates on 2G network, it is advisable to purchase a local prepaid SIM card or use a 3G or4G-capable mobile device to stay connected.


  1. Pocket Wifi

Connecting to the Internet provides a variety of means to communicate through several apps and social media platforms. If you’re traveling with family or with several gadgets in your luggage, then consider getting a pocket wi-fi to stay connected on the Internet wherever you may be for as long as there is good signal connection. Once you get to Singapore, you can drop by the Changi Recommmends counters right at the Singapore Changi Airport to rent pocket wi-fi devices before you head out to the city and conveniently return them just before you leave for your flight.


  1. Free Public Wifi

There are various wi-fi hotspots in Singapore where you can connect to and access the Internet. Here are some common hotspots in the city:

  • Changi Airport (#WiFi@Changi): Free WiFi access is available in both public and travel areas of the Changi Airport. To gain access, follow the instructions below:
    • First, join the #Wifi@Changi hotspot.
    • Open your mobile browser to view the free Wi-Fi access log-in page.
    • You will be asked to choose either 3 hours or 24 hours Free WiFi Access.
      • Note: To have 24-hours WiFi access, you will be required to provide a local or roaming number and have the latest version of the iChangi app installed on your mobile device. The app is available for Android and iOS devices only.
    • Finally, type in the password for the network which you can obtain by doing any of the methods listed below:
      • Register your mobile number on the WiFi Access login page to get a one-time password. You will receive the code through a text message.
        • You need to have a local mobile number for your gadget or have the auto-roaming feature of your device enabled.
      • Visit the Wi-Fi Password kiosks or information counters then scan/present your passport accordingly to get a password and enjoy 3-hours free WiFi access.
        • Open the login page on your device. Choose the ‘via info counter/kiosk’ option then key in the password.
    • Internet terminals – Alternatively, you can drop by any of the 400 Internet stations available in various Changi terminals. You can locate these internet stations by checking the Changi airport map here.
  • Wireless@SG

This is a free Wi-Fi hotspot which offers up to 2 Mbps access speeds and is virtually available everywhere in Singapore, most especially in key locations such as shopping malls, MRT stations, city museums, public libraries, community centers, the Changi Airport as well as Sentosa Island. You can check out the extensive list of Wireless@SG hotspot locations here. Smartphone-toting locals and visitors can surely take advantage of the most useful apps in Singapore to get around and experience the city more conveniently. To get connected, simply look for any Wireless@SG hotspot and create an account by registering your foreign number to receive your login details and password via SMS or purchase a local SIM phone card from either M1 or Starhub and access the hotspot using the SIM-based login feature. For roaming and international numbers, overseas charges may apply.


  • Shopping Centres and Malls

Free Wi-Fi access is available in certain malls, shopping areas, restaurants, cafes and other commercial establishments in Singapore. This a popular marketing strategy employed by businesses to attract visitors and customers, in particular. You may need to inquire at information desks or ask assistance on how to log in to the Wi-Fi hotspot in the establishment.

                With the Government’s commitment to advancing the quality of information and communication access, both locals and visitors are given enhanced experience in discovering and maximizing what the Lion City has to offer.

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