Man Injured After Power Bank Explodes in his Pocket

Modern technology has supported human being’s activities and helped promote the on-the-go lifestyle, what with the development of smart mobile devices to keep people connected to their relationships, interests, and activities.

And while technology has introduced modern conveniences that have helped support our lifestyle, especially here in Singapore, which is considered one of the world’s most progressive fintech hubs, there still are some downsides to this kind of lifestyle that we have established for ourselves.

Man Injured After Power Bank Explodes in his Pocket
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Power Bank Explodes in Man’s Pocket in Singapore

Recently, a man had been hospitalized after sustaining burns from an explosion when his power bank exploded from his pocket, as shared in a report by the Straits Times.

The unnamed man, who was already in his 40s, had burned his palm when he reached into his pocket to take out the device when he was at at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said it responded to an incident report at about 6:40pm at Block 209 New Upper Changi Road. The injured man was then taken to Changi General Hospital.

The people who witnessed the incident reported seeing a thick cloud of smoke in the area or recognized the smell of burning chemicals when the accident happened. Some even saw how the man writhed in pain after the explosion, while others immediately provided first aid to the victim by putting ice and plastic food wrap on his injured hand.

Reports also revealed that the man had been using his phone while eating as it was connected to the power bank in his pocket all this time.

While this incident can be considered an accident, there are still some precautionary measures that we can do to avoid this kinds of accidents from happening.

For one, we must avoid overcharging our devices especially when they are currently being used. To preserve battery life, we should try to max out device’s power before charging it completely. Also, when using power banks, avoid using the device as it is charging, and do not place them near your body all the time. Also, it pays to invest in good quality products that have warranties and are trusted by many.