4 Exciting Things to Do in Clarke Quay, Singapore

It’s strange to hear when people say that Singapore is a boring place to be. Although it’s a small country, a city-state, actually, there are plenty of fun things to do when you’re traveling here by yourself or with friends and family.

But first, let’s talk about what Singapore is best known for. Singapore has tons of great food, fun activities, and is considered one of the fashion hubs in the world. Did you catch all those F’s? In this post, we will take a look at one of Singapore’s best places to visit if you’re into two of those 3 Fs that we mentioned: food and fun.

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Here are 4 Must-Do Activities in Clark Quay, Singapore

If you’ll ask why fashion wasn’t considered one of the strengths of the place we’ll introduce in Singapore, then it would be great if you could ask around if any of your friends have been to Clarke Quay, because if they have, then we’re pretty sure they’d mention some of the things you’ll learn in this post. Continue reading below:

First off, let’s learn how to say the name of the place properly: “Clarke Quay” (like clark-key).

Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay (harbor) in Singapore, as it is situated within the Singapore River Planning Area. It has been the center of trade since modern Singapore was founded in 1819. This is why the area holds so much importance to the locals as well as to the country’s cultural identity. Here are four exciting things to do in Clarke Quay:

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  1. Spend an Evening by the River.

Owing to its geographic location, expect beautiful riverside views when you’re dropping by Clarke Quay. At night you can see mesmerizing lights adorning the riverside coming from a wide array of dining and entertainment options in the area.

TIP: Be sure to try activities such as the reverse bungee, the extreme swing, as well as the river cruise. Then you can recharge with a hearty meal at Brizos Crab Buffet.

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  1. Go on a Food Adventure at Katong Food Walk.

On Thursdays, you can join a four-hour walking tour hosted by the Betel Box hostel owners where you can get to taste over 30 dishes of traditional cuisines like fish head curry, chili crab, dim sum, etc. The tour also offers all aspects of the lifestyle and culture of the history of the local population belonging to the area. This is great for first-timers in the Geylang area, as you will get to see the colorful loronges and try satisfying dishes which makes this tour a must-try in Geylang at night.

Location: Starts at Betel Box Hostel

Timings: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Average Costs: SGD 96/head

  1. Dive into Sports at Aloha Sea Sports.

If you’re the sporty and adventurous type, then you’ll absolutely enjoy the water in the area other than just for swimming. The Aloha Sea Sports offers stand up paddling (SUP) and windsurfing courses with an instructor, which are available for both beginner and advanced- level guests. Also, kids can try out stand up paddling (SUP) for fun or as a new hobby to learn at the Aloha Sea Sports facility located near the Area E Lagoon.

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  1. Dine with the Locals at the Hawker Food Center in Geylang Bahru.

Singapore is best known for its “hawker-style” food, so guests should check out the recently renovated Hawker Food Center in Geylang Bahru, where they can enjoy authentic Asian and international cuisines. Top favorites include carrot cakes, Ban Mian, fishball noodles, boneless braised Duck, Chui Kueh, Hokkaido Cakes, and many more.

Location: 5 Cross St, Singapore 048418

Timings: 7:00 am to 8:30 pm

Average Cost: SGD 9.6 for a complete meal for one person  

For those who are looking for a night full of fun and delicious food, head over to Clarke Quay and be sure to try out some of the activities we’ve listed above. We promise it will be super worth it!

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