4 Reasons to Visit Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a historical riverside in Singapore situated around the Singapore River Planning Area. It is also situated in the upstream from the mouth of the Boat Quay and the Singapore River. Clarke Quay has so many attractions that you can literally spend a few days there without getting bored. It is a must-visit among the tourists and the locals as well.

Here is a list of why you should visit the famous Clarke Quay.

clarke quay singapore

1. Shop till you drop

The Central Clarke Quay is a newly built commercial center building composed of over 280 shops where you can find anything you want from beauty station, clothes and fashion related items to food and beverage,. You can access the mall directly from the MRT station.

2. Singapore River

The Singapore River cuts through the heart of the city and can be easily accessed through Clarke Quay. The Singapore River was the main trade center and commerce for the British. Today, the Victorian and neo-classical Roman structures are still standing tall along the river banks with the addition of the newly built infrastructures.

You can either walk along the Singapore River or ride a river boat tour that starts at Clarke Quay. Of course, prices may vary depending on your age. The boat will navigate you and your group along the Singapore River.

3. Party till the sun is up

What Clarke Quay is famous about is their night clubs. Dazzling lights, buzzing nightclubs and gorgeous people are what you can expect at Clarke Quay when nighttime sets in. People leave their hearts behind as they dance all night long to the pounding beat of the music. A kaleidoscope of concept bars and pubs along the Singapore River with the picturesque view are among what the riverside got to offer. You will surely enjoy the different selection of attractions in the area.

Clarke Quay is known for its best restaurants and the best nightlife venues. Because of the many restaurants, the awesome pubs and bars double up too, which will make it harder to choose from. With its vibrant riverside location, it surely draws a lot of attention to the locals and tourists alike.

4. Unique dining experience

With its attractive lights and wealth in scenic restaurants, it’s easy to see why people love to dine in the Clarke Quay. Cuisines from around the globe are found here, including Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, American and a whole lot more. Choosing one from another will be a hard task and it is surely mind-boggling.

Visit Clarke Quay for a one of a kind experience of all these, discover and explore the beauty of Clarke Quay.