3-Core Concept to Visit in Singapore Botanic Garden

Get in touch with nature in Singapore Botanic Garden. This 74 hectare botanical garden is the only one that opens at 5 AM up to 12 midnight every day in the world. Not to mention, it does not charge admission fee except for the National Orchid Garden. It is situated just five minutes away from the Orchard Road. Indeed, it is a laid-back sanctuary set right at the heart of the city.

No need to worry about the walking tours since it is offered for free, so make sure to visit the garden in groups as the volunteers manage the group to ensure that the sessions are conducive for all to learn. If you are planning for a large group of around 20, then you can contact the garden for a scheduled tour.

Singapore Botanic Garden has a lot to offer. Stroll in the garden, take in the green lush environment and breathe in the fresh air to relax and unwind yourself away from stress.

SG botanical garden
photo by Vincent Lit

The Garden has developed a 3-Core Concept which are:

1. Tanglin

This is the heritage core retaining the old favorites and charms of the historic Gardens. You can find the Main or Tanglin Gate, Botany Centre, Bonsai Garden, Sun Garden, Vanda Miss Joaquim, Bandstand and many more.

The Swan Lake is one of the major attractions in the garden since it is deemed as one of the oldest ornamental water features in Singapore. It is a home to a plethora of aquatic plants and fish. Moreover, there are mute swans from Amsterdam that glide across the lake, which would amaze most of the visitors.

2. Central

This is the tourist belt of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and it features a handful of stunning gardens, including the Evolution Garden, Palm Valley, Ginger Garden, Fragrant Garden, Symphony Lake and many others that will surely hold your interest.

It has an impressive land area of more than a couple of hectares, and it displays 400 different plants that are used as medicines. In the Healing Garden, you will find plenty of medical plants used for traditional treatments in Southeast Asia. Although you may not get some plants, you are free to take a photo of it. This is an additional knowledge for those who want to try planting their own medicinal plants in their backyards.

The National Orchid Garden is arguably the most visited place in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, with its lush array of orchids in different colors arranged in order. The garden holds more than a thousand species and 2000 hybrids on display. The captivating blooms are an absolute sight to behold. You’d really love the place!

3. Bukit Timah

This is the educational and discovery zone of the garden which caters the Eco-Garden and Eco-Lake, Foliage Garden and Trellis Garden.

The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is also found here. It is Asia’s first children’s garden dedicated to all the youth in Singapore, and was designed to suit the discovery learning and experience in an organic garden setting. The Children’s Garden aims to help little kids realize the importance of the plants and our environment.

There are a lot of attractions in the garden. All you need is to check out the place to see it yourself. Relax and unwind as you get in touch with nature and remember the roots in Singapore Botanic Garden.