Here’s What You Need to Know about the EZ-Link Card in Singapore

When planning your travel to another country, you need to take into consideration all kinds of expenses that you will need to cover during your entire stay overseas. And if you’re more of an explorer, transportation fees are something that you really need to prepare for.

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Of course walking to get around the city proper is great and beneficial in many ways, but exploring also means discovering what the city (in terms of its technologies and systems) has to offer.

Here’s What You Need to Know about the EZ-Link Card in Singapore
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How to Use, Benefits of EZ-Link Cards in SG

That being said, getting around in countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore is much convenient when you just do what the locals do. And for majority of them, they travel daily using the country’s public transport system, which in itself, is very convenient and efficient, mind you. This was even made more convenient through the use of service products such as top-up cards like the Octopus Card (HK) and the EZ-Link Card (SG).

In this post, we will discuss how to get, use, and top-up an EZ-Link Card when you’re in Singapore.

An EZ-Link Card is a single, contactless payment system used by most public transport operators here in sunny Singapore. This means you can ride buses and take the MRT as you please with this easy-to-use top up card.

For starters, you can purchase an EZ-Link Card over the counter at any MRT station, bus interchange, or 7-Eleven outlets in Singapore. The card costs SGD 15 minus the SGD 5 card fee, so you have a consumable SGD 10 on your initial purchase. As you use this card, ideally daily for longer than 3 days to save up on your transport fares, you will eventually have to top up when your credits run low.

Note: Keep an eye on your credit as you cannot use the card anymore once it goes lower than SGD 3. The card can store a maximum value of SGD 500, and may be topped up at any location where you can get your card.

And while the EZ-Link card is considered a necessity for those who want to survive in Singapore on a budget, there are also other options for tourists such as the Singapore Tourist Pass, which offers several benefits for those who are only staying for a maximum of three days in the country.