Singapore Tourist Pass (STP): Everything You Need to Know

If you intend to use a lot of public transportation while in Singapore, the Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) could save you a lot of money on your travel expenses.

The Singapore Tourist Pass entitles you to unlimited bus and MRT transportation throughout the city. Aside from that, it provides small discounts in certain stores. The pass can be used for one, two, or three days depending on the length of time it is valid. The validity period begins as soon as the card is activated and ends at 12:30 a.m. on the last day.


The Singapore Tourist Pass entitles you to unlimited bus and MRT transportation throughout the city.
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How to Get Singapore Tourist Pass (STP)

Singapore’s excellent public transportation, which is constantly being improved, makes it simple to get around the sweltering city-state. For those who need to travel further afield on a regular basis, taxis and rideshare services are available. Bicycles rented from major hotels are also an easy way to get around the city.

The Singapore tourist pass provides unlimited use of the city’s public transportation system, which includes buses, trains, and the MRT (the city’s subway system).

It’s easy to see all of Singapore’s attractions and sights with the city’s tourist pass. So you need not worry about running out of money. It is also wallet-friendly.

It’s as simple as buying a pass and deciding how many day passes you’ll need for each trip.

What exactly is the Singapore Tourist Pass STP?

Singapore Tourist Passes (STPs) aren’t just for sightseeing; these cards give you unlimited access to Singapore’s public transportation system. STP cardholders can use their cards on all buses and trains, including NightRider, the city’s night bus service that runs on seven major routes until 9:30 p.m.

If they need to take an express bus, they can do so with a Night Owl or NightRider pass as well. Other benefits include discounted LRT and MRT fares; discounted rates for online bookings at major tour operators such as,, and other websites; discounted box office theatre tickets from major theatres; discounted rates for purchases at certain movie retailers.

EZ-Link Pte Ltd., Singapore’s largest CEPAS issuer, is the company behind the Pass Card. This card is valid for adults and children who are at least 0.9 meters tall. If you get a 2-Day or 3-Day Card, you must use it for two or three days in a row.

What is the Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) Eligibility Criteria?

The Singapore Tourist Pass is available for purchase by both visitors and residents of the city-state.

How to apply for and where to look for the Singapore Tourist Pass (STP)?

TransitLink Ticket Offices and Tourist Pass kiosks at MRT stations sell the pass, which can be purchased for a one-time fee. On March 1, 2021, the sale of the pass has been made available again.


A 24-hour travel card costs SGD 10 (US$ 7.40); a 48-hour card costs SGD 16 (US$ 11.80); and a 72-hour card costs SGD 20 (US$ 14.70).

When you purchase the card, you will be required to pay a deposit of 10 Singapore dollars (US$7.40), which will be refunded to you once the card is returned within five days of purchase.

Where can I get a Tourist Pass? Where can I get a Tourist Pass?

If you’re flying to Singapore, the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) offices at the airport are the best place to get the card.

You can also purchase the card at various locations throughout Singapore, such as Transit Link offices and tourist information centers.

Online ticket purchases are also possible, but they will be more expensive. You will also be charged for delivery.

Where can you put STP to use?

  • 25 Degrees Burgers & Liquor Bar (Enjoy 10% Off Food).
  • Eu Yan Sang Singapore (Medical Shop 10% Off Regular-Priced Items Store-Wide Plus A Free Souvenir (Minimum S$20 Spend)
  • Expressions ( Pamper Yourself With 20% Off Facial Treatments & 30% Off Slimming Treatments).
  • Fragrance Bakkwa.
  • Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar (Enjoy 10% Off Food)
  • Gorogoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet (10% Off Regular Adult)
  • I’m Kim Korean Bbq (10% Off Regular)
  • Kele Pineapple Tarts (Enjoy 15% Off)
  • Kenko Wellness Spa & Reflexology (Enjoy 18% Off)
  • Li.O Art: Jolly Dolly ( 15% Discount).
  • Li.O Art: Ki.Li.O Clay (15% Discount Off)
  • Locomole Self-Guided Walking Tour App (Enjoy 15% Off)
  • Madame Tussauds Singapore (15% Off)
  • Masego The Safari Spa
  • Monster Day Tours ( 10% Off)
  • Native App – $3 Off Promo Code ( $3 Off)
  • Native App – S.E.A Aquarium ( $ 8 Off)
  • Nerf Action Xperience ( 10% Off)
  • Ning Foot & Back Spa ( 10% Off)
  • Perfume Workshop ( 10% Off)
  • Singapore Cable Car (15% Off)
  • Skyhelix Sentosa ( 10% Off)
  • Society Of Tourist Guides (Sg) ( 10% Off)
  • Starhub ( $ 5 Off)
  • Storytrails Audio Tours ( 20% Off)
  • Yogofi By Travelwifi ( 30% Off)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any package deals for families buying the Singapore Tourist Pass?

No, there aren’t any family package deals available at the moment.

2. Are there any concessionary rates for children and senior citizens?

No, there is no concessionary pricing available for the Singapore Tourist Pass at this time.

3. How much can I save by using the Singapore Tourist Pass?

Singapore’s public transit is affordable and easy to use. A one-way bus ride costs between $0.73 and $1.66, while a one-way MRT ride costs between $0.83 and $1.95 when using an EZ-link card. With the Singapore Tourist Pass, you can take in the sights and sounds of Singapore without having to worry about how much your transportation will cost you!

4. What are the differences between the Singapore Tourist Pass and a normal EZ-link card?

During the validity time of the Singapore Tourist Pass, travellers get unlimited access to MRT and LRT trains, as well as basic bus services in Singapore. A different type of payment system called the EZ-link, is utilized to pay for each and every journey performed on the public transportation system.

The Singapore Tourist Pass is available for purchase for S$10 for a one-day pass, S$16 for a two-day pass, and S$20 for a three-day pass in Singapore. In addition to a S$5 non-refundable card fee and a S$7 travel value, the EZ-link card has a total cost of S$12.

5. Is there any value in the Singapore Tourist Pass upon purchase?

EZ-Link passes cannot be used on the MRT or buses, therefore this is not an option. The alternative is for you to visit any EZ-Link top-up point and add extra value to your card, which will allow you to use it at retail establishments in the future.

8. My Singapore Tourist Pass is still valid after I added money to the card’s EZ-link purse. How can I make sure that money isn’t removed from my EZ-link purse instead of my Singapore Tourist Pass for my trip?

TransitLink has put in place a rigorous system to ensure that no money is deducted from your Singapore Tourist Pass as long as your pass is valid. If you think that funds have been withdrawn from your EZ-link purse, seek assistance from any TransitLink Ticket Office at specified MRT stations.

9. What happens when my Singapore Tourist Pass expire?

When your pass expires, it is converted into a regular adult EZ-Link card. You can top up the card on the MRT or at any of the EZ-Link merchant acceptance sites and use it for transportation and retail purchases. If not topped up, the card will expire after three years. However, you can keep it as a souvenir and use it as a regular EZ-Link card when you return to Singapore!

10. What will happen when I tap an expired Singapore Tourist Pass on the bus or train gantry reader?

When you tap an expired pass on the card reader, it will beep and display “insufficient funds” with a flashing red light. If you’re on the bus, you can pay with cash. To top up your card at an MRT station, go to the TransitLink Ticket Office or the General Ticketing Machine.

11. Where can I refund my rental deposit for the Singapore Tourist Pass?

Refunds can be obtained at any TransitLink ticket office. Please click here to find the location of all TransitLink ticket offices. Please keep in mind that refunds are not available at the Singapore Tourist Pass kiosk.

12. Can I get a refund for the Singapore Tourist Pass after 7 days?

No, you will only be able to claim a refund of your rental deposit if you return it within five days of purchasing it.

13. How is the five-day window period for the refund of the rental deposit calculated?

Bring the card back within five days of purchase if you want your rental deposit refunded. That example, if you purchase a 3-Day Pass on a Monday, you must return your card for a refund by Saturday.

14. Can I keep the Singapore Tourist Pass as a souvenir?

The $10 rental deposit will be forfeited if you choose to keep the pass after your stay in Singapore.

15. Is there a number that I can call for enquiries or feedback relating to the Singapore Tourist Pass?

If you have any questions concerning EZ-Link, please call 6496 8300, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, except on public holidays. Alternatively, you can send an email to with your questions or feedback.

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