Drunk Man Jailed for Assaulting Cabby, Causing Injury to Motorcyclist

Much of what the government is striving to achieve is to clamp down on alcoholic and illegal products such as cigarettes and its variants. This is important in addressing issues affecting peace and order in the community as well as public safety.

So when these things involved in misdemeanours or crimes, it can be expected that violators will get no less than imprisonment among other sanctions by the law.

Drunk Man Jailed for Assaulting Cabby, Causing Injury to Motorcyclist
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Drunk Passenger Arrested for Assaulting Cab Driver, Injuring Motorcyclist

A drunk cab passenger accused his cabby of not being the driver of his cab ride and assaulted him on the street, as shared in a report by Yahoo! News Singapore.

On February 7 (Thursday), Meera Moideen Sehu Mohamed, 33, has been sent to prison for a total of four months for the assault on cab driver Hoe Hwee Sin, 59, and other crimes.

Meera pleaded guilty to four charges – two of causing hurt, one apiece for using vulgarities on a policeman, and then one of causing hurt by a violent act which had put the safety in others in danger.

As per police investigation, Hoe picked up Meera together with his cousin, who had apparently gone drinking hard liquor at a nightclub in the area.

Ten minutes into the cab ride and by the time they reached Clementi, Hoe noticed that Meera had alreay been drooling unconscious. When the driver called him out, pointing out that it [drooling] would leave a stain on the seat and is unhygienic for other riders next to them, Meera became furious and started babbling incoherently in an argument with Hoe.

Among many things, Meera accused Hoe of not being the driver of the cab. And when the latter stopped the taxi along Patterson Hill to drop off his passengers, Meera suddenly opened the left rear door without checking for incoming vehicles and hit a motorcyclist, Marwan Ahmad, 39, who was caught off-guard when the passenger alighted the cab.

Following the incident, Hoe got off the car and took out his phone to take a photo of the scene. However, Meera started to become violent towards Hoe and hit the latter on the face using his mobile phone. Meera also allegedly kicked Hoe on the calf.

Shortly after, Meera had been arrested when the police arrived at the scene. Meanwhile, inside the police vehicle, Meera threw vulgarities in English and Tamil at the policemen.

This was not the first time Meera had committed such a commotion in public and slandered authorities, also in an occasion when he had been drinking out.

For causing hurt, Meera could have been jailed for up to two years and be given a maximum fine of SGD 5,000. For causing hurt due to a rash act which endangers the personal safety of others, Meera could have been jailed for up to one year and fined up to SGD 5,000.

And finally, for spewing vulgarities on an authority figure, Meera could also have been fined for up to SGD 5,000 and jailed for an additional year.