Expect to Have More Electric Cabs Services Soon

In a country where public transportation is given a premium such as in Singapore, the entry of a new cab service could only mean more options for commuters who are still looking for alternatives other than ride-hailing services such as Grab and the like.

In a press release last July 31 (Tuesday), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has granted the Taxi Service Operator License (TSOL) to HDT Singapore Taxi (HDTT), which will enable the company to offer the services of at least 800 electric taxis in Singapore within the next four years.

Image Credit: LTA Singapore Facebook Page

With the Entry of New LTA-approved Operator, S’pore can Expect More Electric Taxis on the Road

According to the LTA, HDTT’s business proposal and company credentials have qualified them for a 10-year TSOL, which is set to take effect on Aug 1 (Wednesday), and a spot in Singapore’s competitive transport industry, with their services primarily centred on the use of electric taxis.

With the license set to take effect starting August, HDTT is expected to increase the number of their e-taxi rides to a minimum of 800 vehicles within the next four years using an employer-employee model. The company is also expected to register their existing fleet of e-taxis as regular taxis by the end of this month.

Furthermore, the company is expected to set up sufficient charging stations all over the country to support its fleet, as part of it compliance with Taxi Availability and Quality of Service Standards.

As electric cars do not rely on combustible energy resources such as petrol, the benefits of the new service will go beyond than just convenience and comfort of passengers, jobs for citizens, ease of transportation, but also aid in the preservation of the environment which Singapore fully supports through the Environmental Protection and Management Act of Singapore.

HDTT’s entry into the market brings the number of taxi operators in Singapore up to seven.

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