Google Introduces New Built-in Job Hunting Feature in Singapore

Looking for jobs nowadays, especially here in Singapore, is now made even easier as international IT brand, Google, introduces a new job hunting service to help those seeking new career opportunities.

Launched just last August 2 (Thursday), the new feature which is directly integrated into Google Search, details job listings aggregated from more than 1,500 job sites which include FastJobs, Monster, LinkedIn, JobsCentral,, Payscale, and Randstad.

Google Launches New Integrated Job Hunting Service in Singapore

When users do a job search or look for specific job roles or skills, a special module will appear and display a preview of available positions which include information such as when and swhere (website) they were posted.

The module can be expanded to show more related information such as job location, the nature of employment (i.e. full-time or part-time), as well as links to reviews and user ratings of the employer/company derived from Glassdoor and Payscale.

As the feature only fine-tunes Google’s job search results and offers more accessibility to job hunters, users are still required to apply directly through the website where the job posting first appeared at or originally came from.

According to Ms. Joy Xi, the product manager at Google Search, the new feature aims to help job seekers convert their searches into actual jobs because online searches for job openings in Singapore have been growing in recent years.  Ms. Xi further shares that there has been a 14 per cent growth in mobile searches for jobs and career inquiries as opposed to last year’s data.

This new feature, which works on both mobile and desktop platforms, was introduced by Google in the US back in 2017. Its adoption in Singapore is the first of its kind within the Southeast Asian region.