6 Full-time Jobs with Long Weekends Off

Have you ever been stuck in choosing between getting a full-time job or several part-time jobs to achieve the lifestyle that you want? Going to a regular 9-5 job can leave us almost always too drained to do anything more than hit the sack when we get home, but it’s not so bad because of the benefits and stability that we get unlike with part-time work or with starting out a business or a passion project.

However, if you’d like to have more time in your hands (if long weekends are your thing), then you’d be happy to know about these full-time jobs in Singapore that would need you to only show up four days or less in a week:

6 Full-time Jobs with Long Weekends Off

Full-time Jobs with Part-time Hours in Singapore

  1. RedMart Warehouse Assistant

During the last decade, e-commerce has brought the retail game onto a different level. Aside from gaining experience in this thriving industry, working as a warehouse assistant for RedMart would also give you a competitive pay check that is at par with other full-time jobs as well as dental and medical benefits on top of a flexible schedule that would only require you to work four days a week.

As a warehouse assistant, you will get to understand the operational processes of an online grocery shop. You will receive and package incoming stock, prepare items to be delivered, and keep count of inventory and supplies.

  1. Applecare at Home Advisor

If you’re an Apple loyalist and/or are just plain knowledgeable about Apple products, then look no further because Apple has got the perfect job for you as an Applecare at Home Advisor. You can use your technical know-hows on Apple products to help customers deal with product issues, but even if your product knowledge isn’t quite solid yet, there will be a 5-week in-house product training to get you through the most difficult product issues you may or may not even encounter.

Aside from carrying the flashy Apple brand, as an employee, you will also have the option to juggle your schedule so long as you can put in the hours needed – a total of 40 hours per week, maximum of 12 hours per shift. If you do the math, you can just show up for work 3 days in a week… well, that is if you’re fine with working long hours, but you can just look on the bright side: long weekend!

And if you aren’t convinced yet, Apple employees also enjoy product discounts which will certainly come handy on the next Apple product launch.

Note: You will need to be proficient in speaking Cantonese for the position since you will mainly deal with Cantonese-speaking clients.

  1. Production Operator

Are you good with your hands and in operating machineries? Do you have a keen eye in following production protocols? If yes, then consider applying as a production operator earn up to $2,000, bonuses not included. The workload requires one to work 12-hours per shift on a rotating basis (8a-8p, 8p-8a) for only 4 days a week.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any background experience because candidates who are fit for the job will receive basic and supplementary training once on board.

  1. Security Officer

If you have a strong sense of duty, are physically fit, and are not afraid of the dark, then you can try your hand at being a security officer and earn up to $2,500 monthly while working only four days a week. The job would entail monitoring activities within your covered area and performing security checks on visitors and guests, even Quality Control officers who visit the compound.

Tip:  You’ll need to be certified by the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) System for Security to work in the private security industry.

  1. Stuff’d Sandwich Crew

Working in the food and beverage industry requires one to pay attention to quality and customer satisfaction, something you can stand by with when you work at Stuff’d as part of their dedicated service crew and earn up to $1,800 a month.

If you’re a fan of food and enjoy preparing delicious meals yourself, then put your passion into work as you roll mouth-watering burritos and kebabs for store customers. In addition, you’ll need to monitor stock and store supplies and keep the store clean every day. For this, you will need to maintain a positive and proactive attitude to thrive. What’s great about the job is that you have the option to work 4 days in a week, but with relevant work experience you could even start working as a store manager.

  1. QA Technician

What’s better than having three-day weekends off? Going to work for only three days a week. You think it’s crazy? But it’s for real. People who possess good qualifications in Science or Engineering make top candidates for the QA technician position. While three days of work in a week may seem too good to be true, QA technicians need to put in long hours in the office (12-hour shifts) as they deal with data analysis and audits to make sure that production procedures observe ISO standards.

On top of the ideal work hours, as a QA technician, you will also be given private transportation to let you go around the island conveniently so you can finally bid farewell to the hassle of queuing at the MRT and other public transport.

Having the right skill for a specific job has its own merits, and one of them is finding these full-time positions with part-time hours. Check out FastJobs for skills-based jobs that offer flexible work hours and competitive salary and benefits.