LTA Announces the Addition of 17 New Trains for North East and Circle Lines

In its commitment to improve the transportation services in Singapore, the Land transportation Authority (LTA) had announced last April 30 that it has sealed a $250 million contract with French Rail Transport dealer, Alstom, for purchasing a total of 17 new trains – six for the North East Line (NEL) and eleven for the Circle Line (CCL).

The addition of the new trains in the respective train lines will provide and increased rider capacity to the North east Line Extension (NELe) and the Circle Line 6 (CCL6) by as much as 14 and 17 per cent when they become operational in 2023 and 2025, respectively.

Image Credit: LTA

North East and Circle Lines Get 17 Additional Service Trains – LTA

According to the LTA, the trains will be produced and shipped from Alstom’s manufacturing centre in Barcelona, Spain starting 2020 for the NEL and 2021 for the CCL. The trains will undergo extensive testing and authorization before they are set up to provide service added the LTA.

The new trains will come with new systems and technology which will automatically perform checks and round-the-clock equipment condition monitoring to allow the train operator/s to perform predictive maintenance work for the trains.

In addition, new sensors will be installed on the current collector shoes of the CCL to allow operator/s to promptly detect issues and resolve them immediately “if and should “any dislodgement is identified.

A new Automatic Track Inspection (ATI) system will be installed in two of the additional CCL three-car trains. This will enable the monitoring of the train’s track equipment, running trails, and sleepers during its operation. The ATI enhances the current track inspection protocols for prompt and more effective detection of rain and trackside machineries that require repair or early maintenance.

The 1.6-km NELe will service a new train station area, Punggol Coast, which brings the total number of MRT stations to 17 in the NEL. This includes six interchange stations that are linked to other MRT lines. Upon its completion and target start of operation in 2023, the NELe will commence the first part of the Punggol Digital District Development Project.

On the other hand, the 4.3-km CCL6 will open three new stations: Cantonment, Keppel, and Prince Edward, and will round up the CCL network by linking the Harbour Front Station to Marina Bay Station.

On its target date of completion in 2025, the CCL is expected to have a total of 33 MRT stations, along with 12 interchange stations which are linked to other MRT line networks.