Indonesian Woman Recognized for Public Concern by SPF

As a strong and emphatic passage goes, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” ordinary people turn out to be the better persons that they are when they do something to help stop evil doings as they are happening, or even much later, as with the case of an Indonesian expat in Singapore.

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The Singapore Police Force has recently recognized the work of an Indonesian woman after she helped the police solve a series of theft cases on a Jetstar flight back in June.

Indonesian Woman Recognized for Public Concern by SPF
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Indonesian Expat Awarded by SPF for Helping Solve Cash Theft on Jetstar Flight

Ms Kanya (not her real name) had been on a plane about to leave for Jakarta from Singapore during the Hari Raya weekend, when she caught sight of two men behaving rather suspiciously, as shared in a report by Channel News Asia.

Ms Kanya recounted how one of the two men was seated next to her across the aisle, from where he got up a few minutes later to rummage through the overhead compartments.

Speaking in much detail, Ms Kanya informed a flight attendant about what had been going on in the cabin after she had noticed the man who was rummaging through the bags on the overhead compartments pass on some cash to the man seated next to him.

To Ms Kanya’s surprise, the flight attendant also informed her that another passenger had earlier reported that he was missing some cash.

Just before the plane had landed, the flight captain announced that nobody would be allowed to immediately go off the plane because of “an earlier situation that had occurred mid-flight.”

Upon arrival at Jakarta, Ms Kanya, the victim and his wife, were escorted out the plane to report the incident. Meanwhile, two men were also brought outside for interrogation. Afterwards, they were sent back into the plane bound for Singapore.

A total of SGD 437 in various notes and currencies appeared to have been stolen by the two men.

They were each charged with five counts of theft with common intention, as effected by the Tokyo Convention Act, which deals with offences committed in-flight.

The accused were sentenced last October to serve 19 months in prison.

There have been 19 cases of theft on board an aircraft reported from January to September 2017, and 13 cases for the same period in 2018.