Singapore Remains at Top Spot of Most Liveable Cities for Asian Expats

Living away from home is something that we couldn’t ask everyone to do, but those who do look for places that are closest to what they consider home, even better.

Other than for work, migrant workers choose to set up their lives in a different country where they can find job security, convenience and accessibility to basic and quality citizen services.

Singapore Remains at Top Spot of Most Liveable Cities for Asian Expats
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Asian Expats Still Find Singapore as Most Liveable City to Date

Singapore is ranked as the most liveable city for Asian expats for the 14th year in a row based on a new survey released, as shared in a report by the Straits Times.

Several factors have been cited for the Republic’s long-lasting appeal to expats from neighbouring countries.

These include “access to great facilities, low crime rates, good quality health care and education, as well as the large community of expats already based in the country” explained Mr Lee Quane, Asia regional director for ECA International, the human resources consultancy that compiles the annual league table.

However, its great rival Hong Kong has been on a slide, dropping 12 places to joint 41st, after the devastation caused by Typhoon Mangkhut last September, which caused an estimated USD 1 billion (SGD 1.35 billion) in damage.

Hong Kong has been falling off the charts since its highest placing of 11th in 2013. Air pollution was the reason why it went down to 28th in 2016 and 29th place in 2017.

In contrast, Chinese cities such as Beijing, Nanjing, and Xiamen have been on the rise in the liveability rankings on rapid improvements due to infrastructure, despite excessive levels of air pollution.

In recent years, Chinese authorities have introduced measures to combat the issue of air pollution, which have translated into improvements in their rankings.

Several Malaysian and Thai cities also rose in the rankings. Bangkok was the highest Thai city at 89th place, while Georgetown moved up to 97th and Kuala Lumpur to 98th.

Outside of Asia, cities in Australia and New Zealand offered the best quality of living for Asian workers, with Brisbane and Sydney placed jointly at second spot in the rankings.

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