Grab introduces its new e-scooter, bike sharing app GrabCycle

Ride-hailing tech company Grab is expanding its reach and services to bicycle and scooter users by introducing a new mobile app, GrabCycle, which allows users access to bikes and devices from four different wheel providers, as announced last March 9.

The mobile app is set to be tested at Sentosa within the first half of this year before it gets introduced in other locations. The app will allow users access to shared e-scooters and bikes from four of Grab’s transport partners namely Anywheel, GBikes, oBike, and PopScoot. Users can pay for this service using their GrabPay credits which is linked in the main Grab app.

Image Credit: Grab Singapore

New bike sharing app, GrabCycle to be launched in Sentosa for Initial Testing

According to Head representative of GrabVentures, Mr. Reuben Lai, Singapore is the first country in the Southeast Asian region to have this kind of app service, which is expected to expand to the rest of the region once the app has successfully settled in the market and meet consumer demands.

Mr. Lai explains that the idea behind GrabCycle is to supplement the existing public transport network and system, in line with the Government’s vision to make Singapore a greener and a more liveable city.

The introduction of GrabCycle is just one of the important steps to keep Singapore closer to reaching its vision of having a multi-modal platform with transportation options to virtually meet every possible need in the market.

Furthermore, this move establishes Grab’s influence over the users and data minus the cost of maintaining and allocating bikes and similar devices. This also gives Grab some leverage over its bike-sharing service providers as they, too, benefit from the additional business from the ride-hailing service company.

Aside from its mobility partners, Grab has also collaborated with local supply chain provider, YCH, to organize parking arrangements for GrabCycle bikes and scooters in locations such as Sentosa.