New SingPass Mobile App Launched, More Security Features Offered

Whether you find yourself constantly forgetting your passwords or are inconvenienced by keeping and referring to them in one place, the newly launched SingPass Mobile App will help you take care of your password dilemma, since it can now be accessed through with just your fingerprint.

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With its launching last October 22 (Monday), the new app will offer a more secure and convenient method to login to one’s account, compared to the use of passwords which are prone to phishing and from being replicated easily.

Avail e-government services at your Fingertips with the new SingPass Mobile App

Through the app’s new security features, users can login using their fingerprints, a six-digit passcode, or even facial recognition on phones supported with detection capability to access e-government services such as checking one’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) balances, paying taxes, or applying for flats.

Users will no longer have to rely on the physical OneKey token or wait for the SMS one-time passcode (OTP) for the two-factor authentication.

The SingPass Mobile App also offers additional security features maintain confidentiality of user’s personal information.

With the utilization of biometric authentication for the new app, “unhygienic” practices such as the sharing and use of weak passwords will be reduced.

Taking into consideration the recent probe into the SingHealth cyberattack which was found to have been caused by a phishing e-mail and weak server security, the new app has focused on the use of more secure login methods where users no longer have to input password information to log in. This will also address the request by a number of SingPass users for a password reset of up to 150,000 cases every month.

New SingPass Mobile App Launched, More Security Features Offered
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Since it’s still early in the implementation phase, the app will progressively be updated to incorporate new additional features to make it a one-stop point for users to access digital government services in Singapore.

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