How to Adopt a Pet in Singapore

Getting a pet is beneficial in more ways than one. It has been linked to alleviating stress and increasing happiness. Many people walk in a pet store to pick a pet to bring home. However, giving adoption some thought might make adding a furry member to the family more meaningful.

In Singapore, we share some tips and guidelines on the process of adopting pets. Please be guided accordingly.

how to adopt pet singapore

What You Need to Know About Pet Adoption in Singapore

Believe it or not, there are lots of abandoned animals in empty spaces such as construction sites and open parks in Singapore. Fortunately, most of these animals get rescued and taken into rehab by pet rescue organizations and animal charity centers whose goal is to find them a loving owner and a safe home. By adopting, not only are you giving these animals a chance at finding a safe place and a home, but also you are saving lives by helping take the strays out of the streets and other dangerous places.

Why take the adoption route?

Yes, it may have been the route less taken, but more and more people are now looking into adoption since the benefits are practically the same as with buying a new pet. Definitely, before you decide adopting a new pet, you need to understand the financial and time demands which this will require. Interestingly, pet insurance is now available in Singapore so you should also factor that in as you plan for adoption. It’s extremely important that every member of the family is involved in this decision to make it a worthwhile shared experience. So, if you’ve already talked this through, let us look at the process of adopting a pet in our city, Singapore:

What to expect:

Since pet adoption is offered by rescue organizations and animal charity centers, expect to go through some kind of a screening process which involves interviews, home visits and bonding activities with your pet of choice. This will help caretakers determine your suitability and preparedness for adopting a pet. After all, these animals deserve a fair chance at life – one that is free from abuse and neglect. So, this process is quite the make or break deal of it all.

For most people, caring for a pet is like caring for a child, so if you’re not quite sure if you’re up for this responsibility – it would be helpful to at least see what it’s like to take care of a pet as a volunteer in pet rescue organizations and animal foster care centers. Hopefully, this experience would give you a first-hand experience of caring for animals before you decide to proceed with adoption.

Where to adopt pets:

Pet adoption is an advocacy supported by several animal rescue and non-profit organizations. If you are interested in pet adoption, you may reach out to any of the notable animal rescue organizations and animal advocacy groups listed below:

Adoption is more than just an option for would-be pet owners, it is a show of support and a statement that no animal deserves to live in neglect and abandonment. We know that Singapore is a great livable city for people, so why shouldn’t it be for our animal friends?