How to File a Report of Birth for Filipino Parents in Singapore

For married Filipino couples who are expecting to have a child soon here in Singapore, the Philippine Embassy offers the following guidelines as to the requirements and procedures to be taken in filing a Report of Birth (ROB). This is necessary for Filipinos permanently living abroad to promptly register the birth of their child with the Embassy in order for the birth to be properly registered with the Office of the Civil Registrar in Manila.

According to Philippine law, which covers all Filipino citizens, even those living overseas: a child’s birth needs to be immediately reported to the Philippine Embassy which has authority and jurisdiction in the child’s place of birth, in order to properly account for the birth of a Filipino citizen by his/her right and to duly update the Civil Registry in the Philippines. Prompt registration at the Embassy will ensure that your child will have all the benefits and certification required to be considered a Filipino citizen. Here’s how:

Filing a Report of Birth for Filipino Parents in Singapore


  • The original and five (5) copies of the child’s birth certificate issued by the Singapore Registry of Births
  • Duly accomplished five (5) copies of the Report of Birth Form available here, and physically signed by both parents.
  • The original and five (5) copies of the parent’s Marriage Contract (if applicable)
  • The bio-data page of both parents’ passports, five (5) copies of each.
  • If the Report of Birth is being filed a year after the child’s birth, a duly accomplished printed copy of the Affidavit of Late Registration of Birth will also be required.
  • If the child is to be applied for a Philippine passport, a duly accomplished printed copy of the Application Form for Passport Renewal has to be submitted as well.


  1. Request for an appointment with the Philippine Embassy in Singapore via e-mail with the subject line “Appointment for Report of Birth” addressed to The e-mail must include the: (a) infant’s complete name, and (b) the child’s date of birth. Also, attach a digital copy of the child’s certificate of birth issued by Singapore’s Registry of Births in the e-mail. Wait for a reply from the Civil Registry Officer notifying you of the earliest date available for the registration of birth.
  2. On the scheduled day of the registration of birth, the infant/child has to be physically present at the Philippine Embassy as this service will include taking a photo of the child for his/her Philippine passport.
  3. Pay the service application fees in cash as follows and where applicable:
    1. Report of Birth fee: S$ 42.50
    2. Certificate of Registration fee: S$ 42.50
    3. Affidavit of Late Registration: S$ 42.50
    4. Passport Fee: S$: 102.00
  4. Keep the receipts issued for this service. Wait for the Civil Registry Officer’s instructions as to when you may collect your document/s, or if there are other additional requirements that you will need to submit at the Embassy.

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