Little Artists Art Studio’s Artrageous Art Camp

The summer vacation has just started here in Singapore. If you’re thinking of clever ways to keep the kids off their gadgets and out of your hair (for better reasons), then consider enrolling them to an art camp over the summer vacation.

Little Artists Art Studio’s Artrageous Art Camp is open to kids aged four to 15 who have interest in getting creative with their hands using art tools and colours. Parents will be pleasantly surprised with what the young ones will spend their time doing over the holiday vacation in this one-of-a-kind summer art camp. Here are some of the priceless takeaways your kids can get from this holiday camp:

Bring your Kids to an Art Camp Adventure this Summer

1.      Discovering their Interest in Fine Art

Contrary to what most parents may think about their role in their children’s development may be, instilling a love for learning is something every parent unconsciously impart to their children even at a very young age. It’s something so generic, and yet, it could open so many opportunities to every child as they grow up and find out their innate talents and passion in life.

This is also the same vision which educators in this holiday camp hold onto. By exposing the young campers to a wide range of fun art activities such as sketching, painting, illustrating, sculpting, acrylic on canvas and 3D modelling, the kids can try out a number of art forms to which they may have a natural affinity to. Aside from the activities, campers will also receive background lessons on art history. What’s great about this art summer camp is that every programme is uniquely personalized to both the parent and child’s learning objectives. This is to ensure that the child learns at his/her own pace with all the necessary support needed to optimize his/her learning.

2.      Finding Value in Interesting Art Discussions

Joining the Artrageous Summer Art Camp is an entirely immersive learning experience. No time is wasted here. If your kids aren’t busy doing something with their hands, they’d be kept preoccupied – all eyes and ears, by watching art movie clips to learn more about the life of famous artists, their works, movements, and techniques – even as they are busy digging into their lunch food.

By bringing in this kind of immersive experience, the children are exposed to various angles and art forms – from classical, contemporary and even borderless (intercultural) art. Having this kind of training and environment will ingrain the love of art in their usual forms of interaction and discussions.

3.      Signing up in Bonus Art Classes and Tours

You know that a program is good and gives value for your money when you get a “bonus” on top of what you signed up for. Art campers get complimentary bonus classes as well as art tours. These classes allow the kids to try out other mediums of art even if they couldn’t get it done within the duration of the summer camp. Say, for example,  a kid who chose to focus on sketching and painting during the camp could later on decide to build a 3d art model on his/her bonus class.

As for the art tours, the kids get to visit studios of practising artists or go behind-the-scenes in some of the more renowned museums and art galleries here in Singapore. The tours aim to give the kids a first-hand look at the wonders and realities of contemporary art, in the hope to inspire the next generation artists of the future.

For parents who are thinking about how to keep their kids busy and productive during the summer vacation, here’s a great opportunity to do so and to get their creative juices flowing. Who knows, you might just be raising the next Picasso under your roof!

The Basics

What: Little Artists Art Studio’s Artrageous Art Camp

When: May 28 – August 8, 2018; Classes are held for two to four days a week (half-day: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, whole day: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Where: #02-18 The Siglap Centre, 55 Siglap Road

How much:

Half-day:  $300 – $500

Whole Day: $450 to $850

To know more about the Artrageous Art Camp, please check out their website.