How to Get a PO Box Number in Singapore

Singapore Post or SingPost is your one-stop source for all mail and postal service needs, delivering to all locations in Singapore and providing a wide range of delivery options. Its network of offices is dedicated to serving you by providing a variety of convenient options, transmitting mail and packages using individual PO Box numbers in Singapore.

Singapore Post Limited (abbreviated SingPost) offers postal services and courier services in Singapore. It is the designated Public Postal Licensee (PPL) for domestic and international postal services in the country. Postal Services were established in Singapore in 1819 when the island was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles.

At first, mail services were handled by the military authorities and then transferred to the Master Attendant in 1823. The volume of mail was very small in those days, and letters were collected from a single mail office. The Post Office—which shared a room with the Master Attendant’s Marine Office—consisted of a European clerk, a local writer, and a peon.

SingPost's network of offices is dedicated to serving you by providing a variety of convenient options, transmitting mail and packages using individual PO Box number in Singapore.
Credits: SingPost

Guide to Applying for a PO Box Number in Singapore via SingPost

Singapore Post (SingPost) launched operations as the country’s postal service provider in 1845. It has been delivering trusted and reliable services to homes and businesses in Singapore ever since.

Today, SingPost is a leading provider of integrated and digital mail solutions. The company furnishes domestic and international mail delivery services and offers warehousing, fulfilment, last-mile delivery, and freight forwarding.

What is a PO Box in Singapore?

The P.O. Box or Locked Bag Service enables you to register an address where mail can be sent, even though such an address may not be a street address. Mail addressed to the P.O. Box or Locked Bag number is delivered to your box, regardless of the name(s) of the addressee(s).

Mail will remain secure and confidential in your P.O. Box at our postal locations. The annual service fee (excluding GST) for a P.O. Box depends on the location group (high- or low-demand).  Customers also have the option to choose a preferred number with a one-time application fee.

What is the Purpose of a PO Box in Singapore?

If you like the convenience of picking up your mail at a local post office but also want some of the privacy that comes from having a PO Box, you can have it all. You can have your mail delivered to your personal box and then pick it up whenever you want—you’re still able to receive confidential documents and sign for them when you go to the mailbox, as well as have your mail forwarded to you at another address if necessary.

Aside from postal services, Singapore Post also offers other services, including:

  • Mail Retention Service: Mail is collected at the post office nearest to you, where it is kept in secure storage until your return.
  • HoldBox: HoldBox is a private mailbox service with unlimited storage ideal for business owners, freelancers and individuals who want secure storage of their mail.
  • My Mail Box: If you want to keep your address private, you can get a virtual mailbox with My Mail Box so that your mail is delivered to you without disclosing your real address.
  • Mail Redirection Service: Mail Redirection Service will forward your mail from your old address to wherever you are currently living. This is a great service for people who move frequently due to work, or for those who are just making a short-term move.
  • Redirect Mail: If you’re a frequent traveler or moving frequently, Redirect Mail is an ideal solution for keeping your mail organized.
  • POPStation: Shop online with any of SingPost’s partner retailers and choose to collect your parcels at POPStation kiosks. You can now pick up your parcels 24/7 and avoid lines.
  • Shop & Ship with vPost: vPost lets you shop from your favorite overseas online stores and have them delivered to Singapore! This means you no longer have to be disappointed when you discover that your favourite overseas online store does not ship to a Singapore address.


When renting a PO Box in Singapore, you’ll only need to complete an application form, which you can download online.

Procedure: How to Get a PO Box in Singapore

To rent a PO box in Singapore, a customer will need to download a copy of the Application Form, fill up the particulars and submit it to any post office near them. Payment can then be made via cash, cheque, or NETS.

Alternatively, you can apply online via SAM web by clicking here.

  • Login or Sign up to your SAM account on SAM Web.
  • Under the Payments tab, go to Postal Services > PO Box Application.
  • Follow the instructions and click “Submit”.

* You can pay online via eNETS Debit or GIRO On Demand.

PO Box Fees

Before you sign up for a service, you should carefully consider its cost. Do note that annual rental fees vary based on the location group of the PO Box:

  • Low-demand (SGD 150)
  • High-Demand (SGD 200)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Postal Data Subscription Service?

This is a yearly subscription to a list of addresses in Singapore, which can be found online through self-help at

The list of addresses is used as a postal address reference file that can be used to perform inquiries to find out postal codes or to find address information from postal codes, based on different circumstances.

2. What is Postal Data Subscription Service used for and who are the users?

The Postal Data subscription service is most used for e-Form filling, internal planning, market research, and database mining.

The Postal Data subscription service also appeals to users from government agencies, IT companies, communications firms, transportation companies, and e-commerce providers.

3. Is it necessary for the user to purchase this service in addition to the other mail services?

It is not necessary. It just means the customer will still be receiving mail services through the online platform, but in the mailbox installed on his/her doorstep. They can also use the mailbox for other purposes aside from mailing activities.

4. How and in what format will the user receive the list of addresses?

The list of addresses is available free of charge online. Customers can choose to have the information delivered on an online platform or via FTP, which allows them to download the data for their own use.

The downloaded files are formatted in a way that includes multiple addresses per page, thus saving time and money.

5. What happens after 1-Year subscription?

After one year, the user can choose whether to renew or cancel their subscription.

6. How does the user sign up for the service?

Given that this is an online platform, customers will be required to create an account at in order to utilize the service. After that, the account will be activated within 2-3 working days after the user’s email address has been verified.

During the account setup process, the customer can select their service and proceed to checkout. Existing users should log in and select the service they require directly. The “Home” tab should have the service ready to be downloaded. Please navigate to “My Profile” and then “FTP Settings” to download files via FTP.

7. What happens if the P.O. Box is full?

As soon as the P.O Box is full or the mail’s dimensions are too large to fit into the P.O Box, the mail is forwarded by SingPost to the nearest SingPost post office where it can be picked up by the sender at his or her own convenience.

SingPost reserves the right to return any P.O Box mail that has not been collected at any post office for more than 10 working days to the sender (if there is a return address) or to destroy the mail if there is no return address (if there is no return address).

8. How do I terminate the service?

You may notify SingPost by giving them a written notice, and in such event, the Service will end upon SingPost’s receipt of such notice. There will not be a refund of the Service fee or any part thereof.

9. How can I track my package?

You can check on the status of your package at this link or on the SpeedPost website by entering the item number associated with your package (e.g. VE0000XXXXXXX).

10. How long will my packages take to arrive?

Parcels can be shipped via vPost’s global network of international forwarders, which is dependent on the shipping mode you choose.

Saturday and Sunday, as well as public holidays in Singapore and the product source countries (see this page for a list of the countries to which you can ship via vPost), are not considered working days.

11. What is POPStation?

A new and secure way to collect your parcels, POPStation is here to help. When you shop online with one of their retail partners, your items will be delivered to a POPStation near you for you to pick up at your leisure.

There is no additional charge for picking up your order at the POPStation. A new and secure way to collect your parcels, POPStation is here to help. When you shop online with one of their retail partners, your items will be delivered to a POPStation near you for you to pick up at your leisure.

There is no additional charge for picking up your order at the POPStation.

12. How does POPStation work?

To facilitate delivery to the POPStation, SingPost will integrate with your favorite retailers’ websites to provide delivery to the POPStation.

Choose the POPStation as your preferred delivery address after you have finished placing your order, and then choose the location that is most convenient for you.

Once the parcel has been delivered to your POPStation, you will receive a phone call and an email notification, and you can come down to collect it at your convenience. It’s completely free, and it’s completely secure.

13.  Why use the POPStation?

PopStation provides a convenient service that allows its customers to choose which POPStation they want to collect their parcel from, whenever it is most convenient for them.

There is no need to wait at home or head to the post office to collect your parcel. Because it’s a free service and you can be assured of the security of your parcel because we have put in place very stringent and secure processes.


Let’s face it: adjusting to a new culture can be difficult when you miss the little things that remind you of your home. The act of sending mail or parcels to loved ones and having them delivered to you in Singapore is important because it allows you to at least know that the people you care about are doing well on the other side of the world. Alternatively, if you require items to be delivered to you, you do not need to look too far; this is because you can obtain and have everything delivered to a single location using a PO Box number in Singapore.

Because of Singapore Post’s quick and dependable mail delivery service, many businesses rely on it to assist clients and customers in a timely manner. Mail forwarding, purchase orders, and document scanning are just a few of the additional services that PO Box companies offer their customers.

Setting up a post office box with Singapore Post can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the country. This guide is intended to alleviate some of the stress and worry associated with the process to the greatest extent possible. If you find this information useful, please pass it along to your friends and family members who may be considering setting up a PO Box in their homes.

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