Job Openings in Singapore

Are you looking for a job in Singapore? Here are the vacancies by top companies this month. Please see these vacancies available and apply according to your qualifications. Expats in Singapore, this is your chance to get hired and check out the opportunities for you to explore in the industry you wish to pursue.

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We try our best to keep providing updates for our community to be aware of Labour laws, rules about hiring, news and information to guide you especially if you are still a new visitor or resident in SG.

Be advised that this page is not a recruitment agency. We simply gather this job information for you to easily check the positions that are being posted by these top companies in Singapore. We monitor these businesses on a monthly basis to keep the pages updated so do check back from time to time.

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List of Job Opportunities in Singapore this Month

See the vacancies posted by each company. Once you apply for the job you deem would fit your competencies, you will be redirected to the official website company to learn how to continue your application.

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After going to the official job pages, you will be provided with list of positions that are vacant for the month. You should click the ‘APPLY HERE’ to be redirected to the official website of the company posting that work opportunity. You have to go through these roles properly and read through the tasks and responsibilities so that you understand the requirements and qualifications needed for that specific role. Good luck!

After going through the role details, you should be able to submit your application. That’s about the process of applying for these available positions. Good luck in the job hunt and we hope you find a career that would work well with your qualifications.

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Singapore is known to be one of the most expensive countries in the world. Yet many people from different countries come here because of the vast number of opportunities especially if you are a career-seeker. If you want to make it big in Asia, SG offers good compensation-packages and systematic life because there is really a good system in place.

Here are the Public Holidays in Singapore this Coming 2019
SG bay

Some Insights When Working in Singapore

One thing we’ve noticed from our friends who have chosen to work in the Lion City is that whatever industry you choose to work, more or less, is going to be the industry that you will in for the long term. Take for example, if you work in IT (Information Technology), then most likely after a few years, if you transfer to a different company, you will be working computer jobs. If you are in the Food & Beverage industry/Hospitality industry, you will also work in the same field.

This idea is based on an opinion that you cannot easily switch over to a different job industry because your job experience has a strong factor in determining the position that you will be working on next. It is not like other countries where you can be in different retail the first job, then switch to a career in medical field afterwards (only if you also have the qualifications). Anyway this is just a food for thought.

singapore busy street
life in Singapore

Be Aware of Your Rights as an Employee

If you are new here, it is important that you are aware of your rights as and employee and you should understand the law in Singapore. Given that you will be living in another country, there are certain rules and customs in this Asian country that you should be aware and should also practice.

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Our Goal in Building this Website & Resource Page

In the labour and workplace environment, since you will be dealing with mostly expat employers as well, it is crucial that you know your tasks and responsibilities. Here in Singapore OFW, we try to make sure that your are well-equipped with the knowledge to help you as you grow your career in this mega city.

We continuously write articles pertaining to labour, salaries, rights, news, daily life, and tips to help you become successful. We will also share some travel stories and Singapore guides from time to time as well as some fun facts and trivia.

bugis street
shop in Bugis Street – a famous street market

Other Pictures of the Lion City that is SG

Below are other pictures and sights you can find in Singapore. It’s a multi-culturally diverse and advanced city – ‘a melting pot’ as a common description in travel books that describe the place. You will meet interesting people and you will also come across challenges as you live a life and build a career in a new city. We hope you accept the changes and adapt well to your new environment.

sg culture lanterns
colorful lanterns
Merlion – famous tourist spot
Gardens by the bay
Gardens by the bay
Helix bridge
Helix bridge
Changi airport garden
Changi airport garden
Singapore flyer
Singapore flyer
Diwali in Singapore
Diwali in Singapore

Given that it is a top country for expats, you will surely learn a lot about other cultures and you will also develop yourself in this city. So welcome the change as you seek other opportunities in the workplace or in your social circle. This country offers your a vast of employment options and it is up to you to decide your future so gain knowledge and choose your industry wisely.

Prepare for Your Future

Given that we are all here to work and earn money to save, we hope that as you start your career in SG, you will not lose sight of your goals to help your family, build a career, and secure your future.

After all, as overseas workers, we will all end up going back to our homes or to fulfill other plans in our journey. So we wish you all the best and make the most of our experience. We hope that you succeed as an expat working in SG.

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