KFC Intoduces New Tori Katsu Burger and Bonito Fries in Singapore

Craving for a quick Japanese fix? KFC has just got what you need as its Singapore arm recently introduced its new Japanese-inspired creation, the KFC Tori Katsu Burger.

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With plenty of local traditional food places here, there’re obviously plenty of choices to choose from. But once in a while, you look for something different yet familiar. And that was just what KFC had in mind in developing their latest offering.


KFC Adds New Tori Katsu Burger, Bonito Fries in Singapore Menu

Stuffed in between two sesame buns is a deep-fried crispy marinated chicken fillet coated in breadcrumbs, and shredded fresh white Japanese cabbage – all drizzled with a sweet and savoury special Katsu sauce and mayonnaise.

Along with the Tori Katsu burger comes the new Bonito fries, which is also covered with the same special sauce and mayo combination, and topped with bonito flakes.

KFC Intoduces New Tori Katsu Burger and Bonito Fries in Singapore
Image Credit: KFC SG

The Tori Katsu burger and Bonito fries costs 5.50 and 4.50 SGD, respectively. They also come in special combo meals which start at 7.55 SGD.

Both items have been available in most KFC branches island-wide starting Monday (Sept. 10), except in certain outlets including KFC Changi Airport Terminal 1, KidZania, and the Singapore Zoo.

For this special promotion, KFC pays homage to the Japanese value of “respect”, and offers 3 rules to enjoy the simple, yet satisfying burger:

  1. Keep the other sauces out.
  2. Let the crunch be heard; and
  3. Leave no crumbs behind.

The holidays are fast approaching and promotions are soon to come rushing once again. Until then, we can all taper our cravings with KFC’s perfect combination before we binge through the holidays. Last month, KFC also offered a hit chicken combo in celebration of the National Day Parade.

To know more about KFC’s latest offering, check out their website.